10 Easy Pieces: Black Coat Hook


Coat hooks are one of those necessities you don’t think about until it’s time to source them. Well-designed, well-priced examples are few and far between; here are our top 10 in the category of black hooks.

Above: Rejuvenation’s Massey Double Hook is $25.
Above: The Scout Regalia Wall Hooks in matte black are $18 each.
Above: From Counter Space in Los Angeles, the CS Wall Hook in black is $32.
Above: The House of Antique Hardware Cast Iron Derby Coat Hook is $8.39.
Above: The Dover Coat + Hat Hook is $24 at Schoolhouse.
Above: The Brook Farm General Store Iron Hooks are $8 for the 4 inch size and $10 for the 6 inch size.
Above: The Classic Small Iron Hook is $12 at Rejuvenation.
Above: From Sun Valley Bronze, the CH-10 Single Prong Coat Hook is available through Sun Valley Bronze directly. Contact for price and ordering information.
Above: The Shaker Cast Iron Single Hook is $18 at Rejuvenation.
Above: The SIN Handmade Uni Wall Hook in black is $42 at Food52.

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