10 Easy Pieces: White Linen Bath Towels

As the weather warms up, that heavy terry bath towel that was once so warm suddenly feels excessive. Enter the linen bath towel: quick drying, a little exfoliating, and naturally antimicrobial. Here are our 10 favorites, and while many of the below finds come in various colors and stripes, we’ve selected classic white for the sake of neutrality.

linoto linen spa towel oyster belgian linen 0 Above: The Linoto Linen Spa Towel in Oyster-colored Belgian linen; $139 at Linoto. frama light towel bone white bath towel 1 Above: Danish brand Frama makes the Light Towel in Bone White. In truth, this is the one towel on our list that is a cotton-linen blend, but the design and lightweight quality that matches an all-linen option, earns it a spot. The towel is $85 at Frama. fog linen work europe linen waffle towel large 2 Above: The Fog Linen Work Large Linen Waffle Towel is $88 from Out & About on Garmentory. rough linen orkney linen bath sheet white 3 Above: Rough Linen’s classic Orkney Linen Bath Sheet in White is $110 and also comes as a standard towel size for $75 at Rough Linen. deck towel celine linen white towel 4 Above: The Deck Towel Celine Linen White Towel is designed for the beach but works just as great as the ultimate linen bath towel; $69 at Deck Towel. good linens diamond weave linen x large bath sheet white 5 Above: The Diamond Weave Linen X Large Bath Sheet is $90 at Goodlinens. anno li linen waffle towel white 6 Above: Designed by Pia Lehtovuori for Anno, the Li Linen Waffle Towel in white is $40.60 at Finnish Design Shop. faribault mill bradbury linen towels bath towel 7 Above: The Bradbury Linen Towels are $125 at Faribault Mill. anichini donatas linen bath linens 8 Above: The Donatas Linen Bath Towel comes in white; $84 for the bath towel size at Anichini. linen me white linen waffle bath towel washed 9 Above: The Linen Me Washed Linen Waffle Bath Towel is $49.99 at Linen Me.

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