20 things to do on Sunday so you can romanticize your life

There is nothing quite like the feeling of staying in bed a little bit longer on a dark, wintery Sunday morning to just soothe your soul and make you feel like a million dollars. It might even be the most luxurious thing you get to do all week.

As I sit here in my bed, with a full cup of Nespresso Melozio on my nightstand, Diptyque candle going, laptop on a pillow writing this blog post…I can’t help but just feel like I am right out of a coastal grandmother holiday movie scene. The only thing I am missing is a fireplace right in my bedroom with a gorgeous ocean view. Wouldn’t that just be divine?

For me, Sunday always just feels like that magical day. The day that makes you feel like the main character of a movie. The day typically dedicated to treating yourself, doing some self care and soul care.

According to Astrology, Sunday is the day ruled by the Sun. Your Sun sign (where the Sun was positioned in the sky when you were born) is the representation of your identity, how you see yourself. So it is a day energetically set up for you to cultivate a strong sense of your identity. Sunday is always a perfect opportunity to shift yourself back to identifying yourself as the main character of your own movie in order for you to have a healthy self concept, something key to your confidence and ability to manifest the life you want.

You see it all over TikTok, all the habits you can do to become ‘that girl’. While I love all of those green smoothie, 10 mile run, vacuum your all white living room inspired ideas, they just feel a little impractical to me. So, today, I wanted to go a little bit deeper with you and share 20 ‘realistic’ things you can do today to romanticize your life so that you feel a little bit more like a main character of your own movie.

  1. Grab that book you have half read and finish it.

    If you are anything like me, you might have 2-3 books you are currently reading and it takes you a month to get back to it. Why not make a focus to actually spend some time to focus on it and finish it? The feeling of finally finishing that book feels so so good. I also love to pile all of my favorite design books in bed and just indulge in them.

  2. Less screen time and more presence with your environment.

    Look, I know you are on a screen right now as you read this very blog post. But why not decide today to focus less on screens and more on your current space. The people in it, the decor, the smell, the feel. Put down the phone, turn off the tv and just take in the moments.

  3. Open a window and let in fresh air.

    There is just something so therapeutic about being outside. The fresh air can just intoxicate your spirit. I know the weather doesn’t always permit but opening a window and just letting fresh air in will change the energy of your home, even if its only for 5 min.

  4. Journal on 3 things you are really really grateful for.

    Even if you aren’t big on journaling, you really should make the effort. I literally love the feeling of having old journal entries to look back on 3 or 6 months down the line. It always shows you how your life is unfolding and it makes you feel like you’re in a movie when you look at your life that way. Don’t feel like being grateful? Try the self-love journal that I created to have you getting to know your self on a deeper level.

  5. Sage your space.

    I have blogged about my love of sage many times, but this one will never not be a part of my Sunday ritual. If you haven’t saged your home yet. Today is that day. Get to whole foods, they have an entire selection to choose from. Start at your front door, light that baby up and go clockwise around your home. Let the smoke fill every corner and speak out your intentions for the week as you do it. Say prayers for what you want.

  6. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water.

    And get all extra about it. Use a large cup or bottle you love. Add fresh lemon juice and chlorophyll. I also like to add electrolyte powder to my water for extra nutrients and vitamins, too.

  7. Turn on your favorite playlist and turn it up.

    One of my favorite things to do at the moment is put on Christmas Jazz on Youtube and let it play. There’s several you can choose from, I always love the ones with fireplaces going or a view of downtown at night. It just makes your day feel so romantic and fun.

  8. Wear your favorite robe all day.

    If you aren’t leaving the house, why not put on your favorite robe and wear it all day. I swear by wearing my robes. They just make you feel so glamorous and chic. I even wear perfume for myself too. It just gives you that extra little touch.

  9. Try Wim Hoff breath work exercise.

    The first time I tried breath work, I was changed forever. Your body literally gets invigorated when you do it. This is the first one I ever did and I loved it so much. You can do it in bed, before you even get up and I promise it will just make your day so much better, energetically.

  10. Clean & organize your main bathroom drawer.

    As many of you know, Feng Shui is my thing. I am always doing little habits, tips and tricks for elevating the chi in my space. Having said that, sometimes a complete organizing session or overhaul of a closet can be too overwhelming for a Sunday. So, one trick I learned was that doing even the smallest organizing can have the same effect as a big one. Why not just do your main bathroom or kitchen drawer. It’s just a small thing to do but feels so big when you’re done.

  11. Go shopping for organic, whole foods & try a new recipe.

    I’m not going to lie, I don’t always eat perfectly during the week. Sometimes, I even love to order out. Last week, I ordered the most amazing pad thai and it was heavenly. So, on Sunday, it can be fun to balance it out, grab some healthy, fresh foods and try a new recipe. And make sure to make it extra big so you can meal prep it to eat for the rest of the week.

  12. Take a nap and rest when you need it.

    I mean, this is one I shouldn’t have to say but I know how we women can feel incredibly guilty for allowing ourselves to be lazy and rest. We’ve been taught to look at ease, calm and flow as a negative thing. (don’t miss my podcast episode 226: 6 lies we tell ourselves as women and how to heal them)

  13. Face time a loved one.

    Every time I get off of a face time call with one of my besties who doesn’t live in my city, I honestly feel so nourished. It’s like good soul food.

  14. Treat yourself to a houseplant.

    I love my plants so much. They are like my little babies. I always water them a little extra on Sundays and wipe down their leaves with wet towels. It is such a fun, self nurturing ritual and I love teaching my little boy to enjoy it too. Why not get a new one if you don’t have any yet?

  15. Wash your sheets & make your bed.

    So once you are finally out of bed, throw your sheets in the washing machine. Have you ever tried the High Maintenance glamorous wash ? When I was in high school, I was obsessed with Tyler candles and the high maintenance scent. But even all these years later, I just still love this smell. And when you get into your bed Sunday evening after using this on your bedding, your life will never be the same.

  16. Put a new inspiring/motivational screensaver on your phone.

    For some reason, whenever I upload a new screensaver on my phone, I feel like my life completely just got a restart. Try it and see how it feels for you.

  17. Try a new veggie juice.

    Or some kind of smoothie perhaps? I love having carrot juice or celery juice on Sunday. It just makes me feel like I am getting a healthy start to my week. Suja is my favorite brand to use if I don’t try and make it at home myself.

  18. Try some hip opening positions on a yoga mat at home.

    I’m obsessed with yoga and my favorite yoga class in on Sunday morning. My favorite teacher always plays Eryka Badu as we are walking in and it just instantly puts me in a relaxed, leveled up vibe. But you can also google some yoga hip opener positions to help you. Did you know that you will release trauma as you do hip opening stretches? Life changing for us women. Trust me. You can start with something like this.

  19. Create an outdoor oasis in your backyard/balcony.

    If the weather permits, I love to go out to my little outdoor space and just be. I light a little sandalwood incense, sweep away any leaves and just sit and sip my coffee. Having a little outdoor oasis can be so fun for your spirit, head to HomeGoods and grab some things to spruce up your little space.

  20. Start a new course or project.

    I always encourage the women in my community to start my courses on Sunday. Mostly because you have the time to dive into the content. This will encourage you to whip out your journal and prepare yourself for your next up-level. It helps you to shift from worry, stress or anxiety into focusing on your self. Your own growth and personal development.

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Hope this post inspires you to make your Sunday incredibly special today because of course, you deserve it.

love you,