24 Mother’s Day gifts perfect for new mom


When a baby is first born, new parents spend a few days at the hospital with around-the-clock nursing staff, bouquets of flowers, tons of visitors and helium balloons in pastel hues. But what happens when mama and baby are discharged and arrive home? Reality hits.

New moms suffer from a lack of sleep, seemingly constant crying, bodily discomfort and many complicated emotions. So who deserves the best gift more than a mama who is celebrating Mother's Day for the first time ever? No one. While mamas-to-be typically have a baby shower with guests bearing gifts geared towards what newborns, we rounded up a wide-ranging list of gift ideas specifically for new moms who may need a helping hand for Mother's Day 2021.

Check out our gift ideas that every new mama will love on her first Mother's Day.

Prima Instant Zen

Mom can consume CBD and drink booze again, woot! Each pack of doctor-formulated Instant Zen comes with 20 pouches of vegan powder which contain 15mg of broad-spectrum CBD—no THC—and calming botanicals like ashwagandha. New moms can pour a pouch into coffee, water, smoothies or tea, and then kick their feet up and relax until the calming stress relief begins.

Pure Rosy Classic Hipster

It's no secret that new moms can't use tampons for several weeks after giving birth, and does any lady really like pads? Pure Rosy created three variations of period panties and our fave absorbs up to three tampons worth of blood using leakproof technology. These are so stylish and trendy, you would have no idea what the panties are truly designed for by looking at them (or even touching them.)

Love Wellness Less Stress Kit

Women experience fluctuations in hormones during pregnancy and postpartum, which can cause stress and heightened anxiety. Love Wellness' supplements are specifically designed to ease stress, which makes this set a great gift for new moms this Mother's Day. The Less Stress Kit comes with Sparkle Fiber, #MoodPills, Sleeping Beauty and Good Girl Probiotics, and when taken in conjunction the supplements promote healthy digestion, better sleep, vaginal health and relaxation.

Eileen West Butterfly Dreams Waltz Nightgown

Eileen West's collection of chic, flowy nightgowns are a dream come true for new moms. The design is elegant, they are machine washable and the button front placket is perfect for moms who are nursing. With shades of light blue and white, and a floral, butterfly pattern, this gift is a must-have this Mother's Day.

Paper Culture's Editorial Photo Baby

Paper Culture crafts gorgeous photo books, in soft or hardcover, so mom can save her favorite memories and milestones all in one place. With 20 pages per book, you can choose the photos and place them where you want, including the cover image—some pages even have a fancy layout with room for two or three smaller pictures. For eco-conscious moms, let them know that a tree is planted for every photo book that is purchased.

Yaya & Co's Amelie Hand Knit Organic Cotton Throw

YaYa & Co's luxurious throw blanket is literally the best of the best. Despite the fact that it's hand knit, new moms can use their washing machine and dryer to remove stains or maintain cleanness (most new moms don't want to drive to the dry cleaner!). With breathable and non-allergenic 100% organic cotton, every new mom deserves to cozy up beneath this throw while watching TV, either by herself for some alone time or with her new baby and partner.

Style Union Home Steph Canister

These adorable canisters made by Style Union Home are handcrafted and customizable—you can have anything you want written. Does mama lose a lot of hair ties and pacifiers? Or perhaps she smokes CBD flower or weed, is obsessed with cookies, or would love a stylish coffee container to add some chic decor in her kitchen… the options are limitless.

Davin & Adley Amelia Pumping & Nursing Crop Cami

The beautiful thing about Davin & Adley's breastfeeding bralettes is that you can wear them when you're done nursing, too. The cropped cami is stylish with a lace detail back, easy to use, well-made and comfortable for new moms with sore nipples. Moms can wear this by itself in the warmer months, layer with a tank or wear as a sports bra once physical activity is approved by her doctor.

M.M. LAFLEUR Cashmere Keely Jogger

Feeling comfortable is one of the many things new moms long for, and cashmere joggers with a stretchy waistband and drawstring are a sure fire way to do the trick. These gorgeous, cozy pants are ideal for wearing around the house or date night with your partner—who said you can't look comfy and polished? The price tag is a tad high but c'mon, they're cashmere, and it's your partner or friend's first Mother's Day.

Sunday Citizen Crystal Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are known for easing stress and anxiety while promoting relaxation, a sense of security and comfort. But this one, available in the Motherly Shop, goes the extra mile because it's filled with thousands of pieces of healing crystals, including rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz. Crystals possess holistic benefits for ailments and conditions and so do weighted blankets—according to their website, new moms are gonna' wake up "feeling like a million bucks."

Harmony by Boyz II Men Bordeaux Rose

Now that the baby is born, mom can enjoy a celebratory glass of wine, finally! This Bordeaux rosé by '90s in particular is made with the finest grapes and no pesticides or additives. For mamas who prefer red or white wine, you can opt for either one of those instead.

JIMMYJANE Afterglow Massage Oil Candle

JIMMYJANE, a luxury sex toy company, recently launched multipurpose candles in three scents (we are partial to vanilla sandalwood). With four aromatherapy scents that promote a boost in mood, this bestseller is clinically proven to heighten your senses while nourishing the skin. New moms enjoy the pleasant aroma, as well as the fact that the melted, high-tech wax can be applied instead of body oil for moisturization, sensual full body massages from your partner and in place of external arousal oils.

Wldkat Ginger + Kombucha Bubbling Skin Tonic

Hormonal changes can cause undesirable breakouts, which is something new moms don't need. But WLDKAT's CBD-infused tonic is essentially a serum and cleanser. Not only does this "miracle juice" restore the skin, but it also cuts one step out of mom's skincare routine, making life one step easier.

Ef the Label Stormy Green Mama Waffle Robe

The best Mother's Day gift for new moms has three qualities: coziness, comfortability and an easy way to remove when it's time to breastfeed, and the mama waffle robe checks all those boxes. You can personalize her new present and with embroidered letters, perhaps mom's name or just the word "mom," the choice is yours.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Many women have changes in hair texture, growth and sometimes thinning during pregnancy. Normal hair dryers emit extreme heat which can damage the hair even further after giving birth to your little one. Not only do you require less heat but your hair dries faster, making life simpler for tired mamas with babies, and smoothness is increased by a whopping 75%.

Script Mama Necklace

Celebrate her new (and most important) title with a fitting piece of jewelry. The name plate necklace comes in gold or silver to fit whatever her style is.

Kana Lavender Sleeping Mask

Kana's line of luxurious and calming CBD-infused skincare products is excellent, but for new moms, their face mask that smells like relaxing lavender is designed for application before bedtime. For best results, moms can massage the cream into their skin and neck until the mask is fully absorbed, and then wash or cleanse their face the following morning. With 28 active botanicals and CBD, new moms should experience brighter, hydrated, skin regeneration, a less noticeable appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, plus much, much more.

RoboRock S4 Robot Vaccuum

Not all moms have partners to help with household chores, but that is where modern technology comes in. The robot vacuum is easy to use—press the on button and it shuffles around the house cleaning for you. You don't even need to worry about mom's new robot friend banging into walls or knocking knick-knacks over because this one is formulated with an epic motion sensor.

Bloom Farms Wellness CBD balm

This CBD balm comes inside of a stick so mom can rub (with or without pressure) the active ingredients (like 600mg of CBD, camphor and arnica) on achy areas of the body. The pain-relieving effects generally kick in within one to three minutes, starting with a cooling sensation and followed by a burst of warmth. Don't let the term "sport stick" fool you; this is used for more than pre- and post-workout application.


New moms are unable to have intercourse for several weeks after giving birth. The fact is—taboo or not—orgasms and sexual pleasure are forms of self care. This luxury sex toy is designed for solo or partner play, and the "ears" have dual motors for varying vibrations for the external erogeneous zones.

Starlet Cami Pajamas Set

These pajamas are adorable, incredibly soft, easily stretchable for fitting over lingering baby bumps, and the pattern is chic. These are good for maternity, if you want to give them early, then become nursing pajamas. Any mom is lucky to be given the gift of these jammies.

KÖVO Hydrating Toner Mist

KÖVO is renowned for their collection of CBD-infused skincare products, and what mom doesn't love her a.m. and p.m. skincare routine? The mist contains key ingredients like peptides, CBD and probiotics which are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, acne reducing and so much more. New moms who are still having hormonal fluctuations will enjoy a cool spritz when hot flashes start up.

Senreve Mini Maestra vegan purse

We would be remiss if we failed to mention the ultimate vegan pocketbook of all time. Senreve's best-selling bag features seven compartments inside, which includes a space for an iPad mini and another padded sleeve for a 10.5" tablet. New moms often feel a lack of control, but this bag has so many options—you can wear it as a satchel, tote, backpack or crossbody—giving the new mom in your life some much needed control.

Parachute cozy bootie

When you're not leaving the house for days at a time, you want some soft slippers to move around the house in. Parachute's version are soft booties that bring luxury to your long days.