3 Ways to Experience Maui’s Magic Without the Crowds

Maui island is one of Hawaii’s most popular destinations – and for good reason. That said, there is a downside to its popularity: crowds. If you’re not a fan of crowds, but still want to experience that Maui magic, here are some tips for enjoying your stay. For starters, check out some of the spots on the island’s north coast, such as Paia. There’s also Hana on the eastern side of the island, that offers a glimpse of old-Hawaii. Or enjoy a beach vacation in South Maui for rest and relaxation.

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How to take advantage of shoulder season 
While the summer high season has ended, those looking for deals and fewer crowds should book soon. The shoulder season refers to the two times a year that “shoulder” the summer travel season, so springtime around May and September/October in the fall. The weather is still warm, but prices start to drop. If you’re interested in a popular destination, wait until shoulder season and you’ll save a significant amount of money.

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Spain’s first women-ony hotel opens in Mallorca 
For women who want to get away and relax in a stress-free environment, there is now a women-only hotel open in Mallorca, Spain. Women and teens ages 14 and older can enjoy the spa, library and locally-source cuisine. Women of all sexual orientations are welcome. This means solo travellers, couples, mothers and daughters and large groups are all welcome. The no-men policy isn’t just for guests, but also visitors. However, the hotel does employ men to comply with Spain’s gender discrimination laws. Women are travelling solo like never before, and a survey conducted by the hotel showed there was significant interest in a female-only hotel.

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Canadians banned from U.S.: Dos and don’ts at the border 
It seems that Canadians crossing the U.S. border are experiencing higher levels of scrutiny, resulting in an upswing in five-year travel bans. It seems that U.S. border officials want proof that Canadians travelling to the United States have strong ties to Canada and will return. It seems that under the Trump administration, fears over foreigners overstaying their welcome is driving border agents to use their powers to ban people who don’t give satisfactory answers to questions. Canadians need to be aware that misrepresenting travel intentions can land them in hot water. If you claim you’re travelling for vacation, but a search of your car turns up a resume, you’re going to look suspicious. Also, border agents will be suspicious if you’re visiting a romantic partner, as that could be a red flag that you don’t intend to leave.

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Saudi Arabia to open itself up to foreign tourists for first time 
Saudi Arabia has decided to open up a new visa program that will allow non-religious tourists from 49 countries to visit. The country has received a lot of criticism over its human rights record and oil dependency, so this could be seen as an attempt to appear more open. Opening up the country to visitors is also seen as an attempt to diversify the economy. Female visitors will not have to wear the full abaya robe, but are required to dress modestly, though no one has defined what that means as of publication. Saudi Arabia does have a lot of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, so if you’re willing to look past the politics, there is a lot of beauty to be seen.

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