4 luxury work from home loungewear brands

Working from home may be the new normal (for now) but that doesn’t necessarily mean compromising style. In fact, some of the most comfortable pajama options are chic and sometimes seen outside of home, on the town – we’re not just talking about those quick mailbox runs in slippers (we’re going more for celebrity street style). Luxury loungewear with a cup of coffee at your own desk will keep you cosy and in check for any upcoming online meetings.

Here are five of our favourite work-from-home pyjama and loungewear brands at the moment.


Silk is one of nature’s finest textiles – a truly luxurious gift. Born in Marlow, England, Truly was founded upon the desire for high quality, everyday products, with collections ranging from cashmere jumpers to full pyjama sets.

Sleeping in silk has numerous benefits, from its temperature-regulating functions to its smooth handfeel against the skin-baring all its glory in even just one sleep. What’s not to say the feeling can’t be extended?

We wear the Blush Silk Pyjama set day-in day-out for continued comfort and the Lace Bralette for confidence.


Lake was initially started in 2014 by two friends (Anne Read Lattimore and Cassandra Cannon) looking for comfortable loungewear to dress their newborns. When they found a gap in the market on Pima pyjama sets (now a classic piece) they spruced it up with stripes for modern styling for adults.

“We are constantly trying to create the things missing in a [woman’s] weekend wardrobe – pieces that are both cool and classic,” says co-founder Cassandra.

With a selection of men’s, women’s, and children’s loungewear and nightwear, Lake supplies all the weekend and work-from-home necessities to keep you stylish and cosy. The Poplin Shorts Set (in Pale Pink) and the Pima Robe (in Hydrangea) are our favourites, to be worn from bed-to-desk and around the house for a soft wraparound.


With loungewear products ranging from Chinese silk to its signature cashmere, Grana stands for one simple thing: quality and affordability. Sourcing its products from the wilds of Mongolia to the valleys of Peru, the label commits to finding the most premium materials to frame your silhouette.

Wear these pieces at home and on your grocery runs; the chic styles are in fact, very cosy – we love the Silk V-Neck Slip Dress, in particular.

Shanghai Tang

Luxury fashion house Shanghai Tang has a keen eye for sleek and elegant pieces, which remain timeless in style. The label integrates a unique interpretation of Chinese couture and heritage, with a reimagined approach.

One can expect to feel glamorous and unbelievably comfortable in the Shanghai Tang loungewear, including the Silk Pajamas collections, available for men and women.