5 Brilliant Small Bathroom Design Ideas For The New Decade

Is your small bathroom cramping your style? When imagining your dream bathroom, you likely didnt think small or stuffy. And, hey! We totally get it. Designing a space with limited square footage can be a doozy. Its like you have to work twice as hard for half the size! But it doesnt have to be that way. Here are five brilliant design ideas to help you upgrade your small bathroom for the new decade.

1-14-20 RTA2-Porcelain Vessel Sink

1.Utilize wasted space.

Every inch counts when designing a small room, so you have to think outside the box! It goes without saying that you should always opt for a vanity over a pedestal sink, but if you still have limited bathroom cabinet storage, a wall cabinet above the toilet is a great use of an otherwise wasted space.

By installing extra cabinets above the toilet (or on either side of your vanity mirror), you can up your storage without sacrificing floorspace. If countertop space is also lacking in your small bathroom, installing a vessel sink is a smart (and stylish) space-saving solution.

2.Go with glass shower doors.

A shower curtain creates a hard stop and covers a significant part of the room which you definitely dont want to do in an already small bathroom. Glass shower doors allow you to maintain visibility and ensure the room wont feel even smaller than it actually is. Plus, theyre easy to keep clean!

1-14-20 RTA3-Freestanding Tub with Black And White Pebbled Tumbled Tile

3. Opt for a freestanding tub.

If your dream bathroom features a freestanding tub, youre in luck. This is one feature that can be great in small bathrooms. Your typical wall-mounted bathtub is nice, but a freestanding tub will save you some floor space. It doesnt hurt that a freestanding tub also adds a little luxury to the room. Enough that you may even forget how small it is!

4.Hang towels inconspicuously.

A visual towel bar with bulky bath towels can feel like clutter, especially if you have limited wall space in your small bathroom. Rather than take up space, hide the towel bar on the wall behind the bathroom door. Better yet, take the minimalist route with your bathroom hardware, and use robe hooks for towels!

5.Use large scale patterns and oversized mirrors.

We just learned a few ideas that will actually save you physical space in a small bathroom, but there are some tricks you can play as well. When selecting patterns in a small bathroom, opt for large scale patterns. Oversized mirrors can also create the illusion of a larger room. While these space-savers are only in your mind, they will make your tiny bathroom feel a little bigger than it actually is.

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