5 Easy Bathroom DIY Projects to Try


If you’re a hands-on type of person or just enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you did something yourself, then this article is for you. We have a list of five easy bathroom DIY projects for you to try out. Giving your bathroom a small make-over doesn’t have to mean you need to gut your entire bathroom. Small DIY projects can give you the excitement of a bathroom remodel without the mud and money. So, check out our fresh DIY ideas and make your life in the bathroom a little easier.

Light Update

Believe it or not, but changing out your bathroom’s old light fixtures will give you that illusion of a brand new bathroom. New light fixtures can give an old bathroom a fresh look, so why not look into bathroom lights as your next DIY project? A handing fixture or bathroom chandelier above your bathtub will give your bathroom that feeling of luxury.

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This faucet’s modern features create a bold and edgy design in your bathroom. Single-hole bathroom faucets provide a more streamlined look. Also, they will allow your bathroom to appear more spacious with the limited counter space they require. The Frankfurt Single Hole single-handle bathroom faucet and its featured sturdy brass construction and premium brushed nickel finish are guaranteed to glamorize your home’s modern ensemble for years to come.

Towel Warmer

No one likes a cold or wet towel after a bath. Wrapping yourself in a cold, wet towel is almost like walking in a puddle with a sock on. It’s gross and can really ruin your mood for the rest of the day. So, save yourself that kind of disappointment with your own towel warmer. Your next DIY project should include installing a towel warmer. A freshly warm towel is the height of luxury and will never disappoint you.

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With a variety of uses and applications, this towel warmer is the perfect embodiment of traditional elegance and contemporary technology. Available in multiple finishes and enabled with an internal quick-heating technology to radiate the 8 horizontal crossbars, the towel warmer will become an essential piece of your bathroom

Fresh DIY Wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper is making a huge comeback in recent years, a trend that is slowly rising to the top in the design world. So, why not hop on that trend yourself with your own bathroom wallpaper. This popular DIY project only consists of your choice in wallpaper and some adhesive. No hammer or concrete included. So, if you’re looking for an easy hands-on project, then this is your perfect project to pick up.

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Hang your towels in style with the chic appeal of the Kingston Brass Classic Towel Bar. Available in multiple finishes, this 24″ bar can quickly become an essential piece of your bathroom design.

Faucet Glamour

Swapping out your old bathroom faucets is the easiest and budget-friendly DIY project to take on. A new faucet is the best way to really give your bathroom a new breath of fresh air because faucets are the real bathroom stars. They can make or break your bathroom’s look. So, make sure your bathroom is on par with your style and elegance by swapping out the old one for a new designer bathroom faucet.

Recommended: Kingston Brass KS1223AL 8-Inch Center Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet, Antique Brass

A lavish spark of traditionally stylized glamour is brought to your bathroom ensemble with this beautiful faucet. Attached to the wall behind your sink, the horizontal pop adds a stunning element to your bathroom design. Clean-up is also made a breeze as counter space is cleared up. 

DIY Storage

Don’t waste all your money on a basic over-the-toilet storage fixture. Make your own custom storage fixture and save all your money. Invest in some towel bars or robe hooks to create your own designated storage spaces; bathroom shelves make for the best extra storage spaces too.

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This Kingston Brass glass shelf tastefully adds extra storage space to your contemporary bathroom. The simplistic design includes two polished chrome mounting wall brackets for a strong, secure hold.


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