5 Timeless Bathroom Designs To Try


Lets face it, when you see the same thing over and over again over the years, you can get a little tired of it and want to change it up. But not all things because some things just never go out of style. Your bathrooms design is no stranger to that little philosophy. Some bathroom designs only get better with time. Classic designs and timeless styles are made to last you for as long as your bathroom features do. So, if you have been in the mood to shake things up in your bathroom, but want to keep that effortlessly classic style, then youve come to the right place. Avoid the hassle and frustration of a full renovation with some easy classic designs with our list of five timeless bathroom designs for you to try out.

Bathroom Designs

Warm, Earthy Hues

One trend that will never go out of style is nature. If you enjoy pops of subtle color in your bathroom, then this timeless bathroom design is made for you because it is different from the traditional subway tiles of a regular bathroom. Colors like sandy browns, airy yellows, and soft pinks will really back the warmth and vibrancy of your bathroom.

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A lavish spark of traditionally stylized glamour is brought to your bathroom ensemble with this beautiful faucet. Attached to the wall behind your sink, the vertical pop adds a stunning element to your bathroom design. Clean-up is also made a breeze as counter space is cleared up.

Timeless Checkerboard

On the market for a statement-making bathroom? Then a checkered bathroom floor is for you. This trend has been holding strong in the bathroom design world for its dramatic and regal stylings. Incorporate this look to really bring the drama and formal elegance to your bathroom.

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The Classic Robe Hook helps to de-clutter your bathroom by providing additional storage space. Intended to add sophistication to your traditional bathroom, the premium finish will last for years to come.

Mixed Materials

Want to bring the unexpected to your bathroom with a seamless and effortless flair? Then try mixing materials in your bathroom. This little bathroom design trick has been in the industry for years, so make it a part of your own bathroom. Try mixing metals and stones to create some texture in the room and make your bathroom a real designer work of art.

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This all inclusive set of bathroom accessories features intricate detailing for a luxurious and astonishing style. Any bathroom will be given an added boost of opulence from these coordinated pieces. One towel bar, towel ring, two robe hooks, and a toilet paper holder are included for all of your hanging storage needs.

Statement Walls

Less is always more when it comes to a bathrooms look. You dont want to overwhelm your bathroom with too much color and accents because that will only bombard your eyes. So consider investing in a statement wall to make the design progress all the easier on you. You will save yourself a lot of money with a statement wall and give your bathroom a designer flair.

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Hang your towels in style with the chic appeal of the Kingston Brass Heritage Towel Bar. Available in multiple finishes, this 18 bar can quickly become an essential piece of your bathroom design. Pair with other accessories from the Heritage Collection.

Antique Flair

Antiques are known to be the epitome of timeless style. The antique design will always be around because their elegant and regal designs are known to beat time and stick around for a long. So, bring back the elegance and sophistication in your bathroom with little antique features in your bathroom.

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Classical artistry from the late 19th Century to early 20th Century is mirrored beautifully within this faucets traditional charm. Elegantly designed, the exquisite arch connecting the spout to the handles provides an added aesthetic appeal to make for more of a statement piece.


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