60 Great Gifts for Mother’s Day

It’s a rare mom who would be upset at a Mother’s Day gift that missed the mark. After all, it’s a holiday aimed at showing gratitude, and unless it was blatantly apparent that you phoned it in/got something day-of because you forgot, most wives and/or mothers would at least acknowledge your effort. Still, who doesn’t want to hit it out of the park when it comes to buying that perfect gift? You are after all saying thank you for either birthing you or your child ⏤ both of which are kind of a big (and painful) deal. To help you swing for the fences, we went big ourselves, on our Mother’s Day gift guide. From hand-cut portraits and vintage lockets to silky robes and essential oils that smell like beer, here are 60 perfect gifts for every type of mom.

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1. Rings That Show Her Priorities

White Stacking Gold Rings -- mother's day gifts
The beauty of these 10k white gold, stackable rings ⏤ which are engraved with the name of a child or spouse ⏤ is that they’re sold individually, so you can buy more as the family grows. They’re also available in a slew of other metals to match her skin tone including sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and 14k gold.

Buy Now $379

2. A Family Print With Character

Personalized Family Print -- mother's day gifts
Way better than those annoying family car window stickers, these custom-drawn cartoons from an artsy mother-daughter team out of Michigan come printed on enhanced matte paper and framed in black Bonanza Wood. Simply submit a picture ⏤ choose skin tone, hair, and clothing color ⏤ personalize it with your family name and year, and they’ll take it from there.

Buy Now $75

3. Some Beer-Scented Relaxation in a Bottle

Perfect for the beer-loving mom, Breckenridge Brewery’s new set of two essential oils emit an aroma inspired by the brewery’s popular Hop Peak IPA and help promote sleep and healthy skin (Hops) and relieves stress and anxiety (Grapefruit).

Buy Now $20

4. A Card With Serious Personality

lovepop -- mother's day cards
Lovepop’s three-dimensional pop-up cards make an incredible first impression. Origami figures such as hummingbirds, butterflies, and even elephants pop out with gorgeous detail against colorful backdrops.

Buy Now $13

5. A Set of Pajamas

Summer Pajama Set -- mother's day gifts
Milk-stained, oversized sleep tees might be fine for month one, but that’s about it. This properly fitted summer pajama set from J. Crew features elastic-waist shorts that sit at the hips and a simple button-down top for easy night nursing.

Buy Now $80

6. A Treat For Her Feet

PediPerfect Rechargeable Foot File -- mother's day gifts
This waterproof PediPerfect softens feet, buffs skin, and removes calluses in mere minutes. It’s got two speeds, a rechargeable built-in battery (so no fumbling for more ‘AA’s,) and it can go in the bath or shower.

Buy Now $36

7. An Oh-So-Soft iPad Sleeve

Colcasac iPad Sleeve -- mother's day gifts for working moms
Colcasac hand-stitches a collection of earth-friendly hemp, burlap, and bamboo canvas cases for electronics. This minimalist iPad sleeve rocks a hemp basket weave canvas exterior with a recycled polyester fleece lining to protect devices from dents and scratches. There’s a pocket on the front. The closure is Velcro. And the vibrant tangerine color comes from non-toxic dye.

Buy Now $67

8. A Weighted Pillow

Nod Pod Pillow -- mother's day gifts
Designed to reduce stress while promoting deep sleep, the Nod Pod is a weighted sleep therapy pillow that calms the body by gently massaging key pressure points along the head. Cooler still, one side of this eye pillow cools on contact, while the other warms with microfiber fleece. It even works in an upright sleep position.

Buy Now $25

9. A Pair of Headphones That Cancel Out The World

B&O Play BEOPLAY H9 Headphones -- mother's day gifts for working moms
For the mom who works in an open floor plan, these Bluetooth H9 headphones from Bang & Olufsen with active noise cancellation should drown out even the worst interoffice chit-chat. And for the entire day, no less, as they clock 14-hours of continuous play on a single 2.5-hour charge. The controls (volume, track, play/pause) are deftly integrated into the touch-sensitive aluminum plates on the ears, they’re available in either black or grey, and there’s even a built-in mic for handsfree calls ⏤ so she never has to take them off.

Buy Now $499

10. A Bomb-Ass Bath Bomb

Love Bath Bomb -- mother's day gifts
Each one of these organic bath bombs from House of Intuition contains rejuvenating minerals and herbs mixed with detoxifying salts; plus lemongrass, peppermint, and pink rose petals. And even if you live in the city and don’t have a tub, they can still be placed on the floor to release a gorgeous scent and effervescence.

Buy Now $6

11. A Vintage Locket

The Vintage Pearl Vintage Locket -- mother's day gifts
The best part of this hand-casted, heart-adorned pewter locket is there’s no tiny picture to cut out and put inside. Simply email the image and nimble-fingered elves at Vintage Pearl will drop it in for you. Feel free to add the date or secret message for posterity.

Buy Now $65

12. A Relatable Coloring Book

#MOMLIFE Snarky Coloring Book -- mother's day gifts
For those few moments between naps and nursing, this anti-stress coloring book for adults celebrates the humor and frustration of motherhood. It features 74 thick-stock pages of fully detailed drawings just waiting to slowly be filled in with pencil, marker, or watercolor by the time the baby is potty trained. More importantly, it’s pretty hilarious.

Buy Now $8

13. Some Wine Labels With Personality

Mommy Milestone Wine Labels -- mother's day gifts
These handmade bottle labels celebrate events in a new mom‘s life that “deserve a party” and a bottle of wine: like “First Mommy Meltdown,” “Baby Slept Through The Night,” and “Goodbye Baby Weight.” There are six to choose from, and you can order as many as you’d like, just don’t forget the bottles of wine to stick them on. They come personalized by name/favorite color and, just like her, they won’t run if they get spilled on.

Buy Now $16

14. A Classy Diaper Bag

Charlotte and Asher Diaper Bag -- mother's day gifts
The un-diaper-bag of diaper bags, the “Gabrielle” by Charlotte and Asher is stylish enough that it can go from playground to work to Des Moines for business without raising an eyebrow. Yet it’s still fully functional and loaded with room for swaddles, diapers, pacifiers, and more. Every bag purchase helps a child in need receive five life-saving vaccinations.

Buy Now $195

15. A Place For Those Flowers You Give Her

Melanie Brantes Tall Walnut Bud Vase -- mother's day gifts for working moms
This handsome 6.5-inch tall walnut vase is hand-carved from a single piece of wood. It’s finished with mineral oil and beeswax, comes with a glass vial ⏤ so it can hold both a single stem or bouquet of fresh flowers ⏤ and is also available in cherry or cork.

Buy Now $110

16. A Pair of Old-School Clogs

Old-School Clogs -- mother's day gifts
Clogs don’t sacrifice style for functionality. They’re as cute with everyday jeans as they are with an easy-breezy dress. These old-school numbers from No. 6 in “Alaska” feature a 100-percent leather upper that softens over time and come in a perfect summer color.

Buy Now $275

17. A Kombucha Brewing Kit

Kombucha Brewing Kit -- mother's day gifts
This Kombucha brewing kit comes with everything one needs to make decidedly less expensive bottles of the fermented drink they sell the grocery store, including a one-gallon glass brewing jar, pH test strips, temperature gauge, and organic, commercially grown Kombucha cultures.

Buy Now $49

18. Some Spa-Quality Bubble Bath

The Cottage Greenhouse Bubble Bath -- mother's day gifts
“Me” time is not typically something mom gets a lot of. Afford her several hours of it to relax in a bath freshly drawn with one of Cottage Greenhouse’s vitamin-rich soaks. Not only do these bubble/milk baths come ripe with anti-oxidants and skin-softening hydrators, but they’re also sold in a plethora of fanciful flavors and eccentric scents including Violette fig and black currant, sugar beet and blossom, and Japanese Plum and white tea.

Buy Now $32

19. A Camera That Prints Her Favorite Moments

Polaroid Pop Camera -- mother's day gifts
The Polaroid Pop offers the ease of a digital photography with the instant gratification of an old-school Polaroid. The Pop rocks a 20-megapixel lens, LCD touchscreen viewfinder, Bluetooth/wifi connectivity, dual LED flash, and shoots 1080p video. Better still, the same camera instantly prints full-color 3.5″ by 4.25″ images with the iconic Polaroid border to stick on the fridge.

Buy Now $200

20. A Robe Designed For Relaxation

Sudara Kala Robe -- mother's day gifts
For the socially conscious mom who wants to do her part (but also look stylish while sipping her morning coffee), Sudara’s line of rayon robes are made in India by “high-risk women or survivors of human trafficking.” Part of the proceeds from each sale also goes to job creation and training for other women in need. The machine-washable Kala comes in a soft cornflower blue, is trimmed with a golden waves border, and features both pockets and a fabric tie closure.

Buy Now $79

21. A Shot of Espresso Anywhere, Any Time

Wacaco Minipresso -- mother's day gifts
This handheld instant coffee maker weighs less a pound and extracts a bold cup of espresso at her desk (or on the beach, or at on the hiking trail, etc.) in minutes. All she has to do is fill it with hot water, give it a few pumps, and let the internal semi-automatic piston do its thing. The Minipresso accepts either fresh ground coffee or Nespresso or Caffitaly capsules.

Buy Now $38

22. A Sensual Fragrance

A Sensual Fragrance: Santal from Le Labo -- mother's day gifts
This unisex scent ⏤ a favorite among the fashion crowd ⏤ has notes of leather, cedar, sandalwood, and musk. In fact, it’s addictive enough that you may find yourself sharing. Each fragrance is hand-made in one of Le Labo’s ‘labs’ and, if purchased from one of their brick-and-mortar locations or website, comes with personalized bottle label and box (up to 23 characters). Available in 15ml up to 500 ml.

Buy Now $184

23. A Necklace That Stands Out

Persistence Shield Necklace -- mother's day gifts
For the strong resolute mom, this tough-as-nails brass pendant with 14k-gold fill bears the inspiring words: “Nevertheless, she persisted.” The nylon cord is available in multiple colors (taupe, black, or red), lengths (it comes as a choker or a long necklace), and closures ⏤clasp or not.

Buy Now $38

24. An Unconventional Family Portrait

Paper Cut Family Portrait -- mother's day gifts
Sure, you can give your wife a framed picture of the family. But you know what’s better? Turning that same picture into an artsy paper cut portrait. Simply provide the artist at Purple Paper People with three different photos, specify everybody’s eye color/clothing/and hairstyle preferences, and then sign off on their illustration. From there, the artists turn it into a 4.5-inch by 4.5-inch watercolor and gouache masterpiece complete with family name and flowers. Price is based on the number of people in the pic (three runs $250), and you can throw in the family dog for an extra $63.

Buy Now $250

25. A Tiny Succulent

Succulent Garden In a Box -- mother's day gifts
Lula’s Garden packages beautiful succulent gift boxes that double as planters, and their newly launched Mother’s Day Collection includes limited-edition blush boxes with dusty purple ribbons. You can order one succulent/cactus or a whole garden, and each package comes with a care kit that includes a wooden stick and plastic dropper.

Buy Now $25

26. Really Comfortably Comfy Clothes

Fancy Lounge Clothes -- mother's day gifts
These fashionable joggers by ThirdLove are made from uber-soft organic cotton and breathable bamboo. They’re cozy enough to wear around the house but stylish enough for the outside. And, they’re the perfect “something a bit more comfortable” for a working mom to slip into after a long day at the office. It even comes in a gifting-ready travel bag.

Buy Now $118

27. A Basket For Her Bike

Bike Basket -- mother's day gifts
For the stylish bike-to-work mom who knows that rattan is so in right now, this retro-style bike basket is a replica of a style originally made on Nantucket during the whaling era of the 1920s. It’s made of fine rattan cane and can hold up to eight pounds of baguettes, fish, and fine wine.

Buy Now $30

28. A Food Dehydrator

A Food Dehydrator -- mother's day gifts
Food moms everywhere know the Excalibur ⏤ it’s the be-all-end-all of dehydrators. It comes with nine trays, 15-square-feet of drying space, a 26-hour timer, and an adjustable thermostat temperature control that ranges from 105-degrees Fahrenheit to 165-degrees Fahrenheit. It even boasts patented airflow technology that helps the food dry faster, retain more nutrients, and look and taste better, without tray rotation.

Buy Now $250

29. An At-Home Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer -- mother's day gifts
Getting to the gym is hard enough but scheduling time with a personal trainer ⏤ forget about it. iBodyFit, an online training site, claims “No gyms. No rude trainers. Just results.” The $49 no-contract starter package includes a customized at-home workout plan based on her goals, schedule, fitness level, and equipment (two strength and two cardio workouts per week), a personalized diet plan, and online support to make sure it actually gets done.

Buy Now $49

30. A Lunch Tote With Style

'Gourmet to Go' Lunch Tote -- mother's day gifts
This reusable neoprene lunch bag from Built.com can withstand spills, splashes, bumps, and drops ⏤ or, everything that could ruin lunch during a commute. It has a secure zipper closure, stores flat, and expands to fit a variety of food and drink containers. Plus, the neoprene means that food’s always insulated and it can go right in the washing machine and come out looking like new.

Buy Now $25

31. A New Pair of Heels

A New Pair of Heels -- mother's day gifts
Cult fashion favorite Everlane’s take on the kitten heel is the perfect work pump. The 2-inch “Editor Heel” is made from luxurious, 100-percent Italian Suede that’s not only super soft but molds to the shape of the foot. It features a sporty, pull-on tab and comes in one of six different colors.

Buy Now $155

32. Some Custom Framed Kids Art

Custom Framed Kids Art -- mother's day gifts
Minted lets parents create framed prints out of their kid’s best artwork, so it can proudly be displayed on a desk rather than just the fridge. Simply upload a picture, choose standard/foil-pressed/letterpress printing, and select from an assortment of classic and specialty frames. They’ll even send a digital proof for review so you can see exactly how will look when printed.

Buy Now $41

33. A Classic Board Game

A Family Board Game -- mother's day gifts
There are few better ways to build family tradition and lasting memories than playing board games together. And what better way for mom to escape real life on Mother’s Day than to play the classic Game of Life, in which every big decision is made by doing little more than spinning a dial.

Buy Now $20

34. Earrings With Serious Character

Pull-Through Chain Link Earrings -- mother's day gifts
These yellow-gold earrings from Tokyo-based designer Hirotaka⏤ with their cultured white pearls and punk-inspired pull-through chain link that threads the ear ⏤ are the perfect balance between Mother’s Day elegance and cool mom vibe.

Buy Now $390

35. A Carved Card

muscle mama -- mother's day cards
Sourced from sustainable wood and laser-cut to precisely carve out its design, Cardtorial’s Muscle Mama swaps out paper for a more beautiful, tactile material. You can include a note on the back using a marker, or have your personal message engraved into the wood for another $7.50.

Buy Now $14

36. A Statement-Making Leather Backpack

State's 'Hattie' Leather Backpack -- mother's day gifts
State’s stylish backpacks are perfect for work, diapers, or just running around the city ⏤ with or without kids. The on-trend white leather ‘Hattie’ features a magnetic top-flap closure, spacious main compartment for everyday essentials, a small interior pocket, and adjustable straps.

Buy Now $295

37. Tickets to a Night Out

Theater Tickets -- mother's day gifts
Not every family can get to Broadway but that doesn’t mean you can’t give musical-loving moms good theater. Broadway.org lets you buy tickets to over 240 shows currently on tour in hundreds of cities across North America, from A Bronx Tale in Schenectady to School of Rock in San Diego.

Buy Now $65

38. A Necklace That Reminds Her of You

Together Necklace From Catbird -- mother's day gifts
For the mom who already has a necklace engraved with the kid’s names, this Together Necklace by Brooklyn-based Catbirdnyc shows the strength of your bond. The two intertwined yellow-gold circles hanging from a delicate chain send a strong message: “We are better together.”

Buy Now $325

39. A Throwback Cassette Player

A Throwback Cassette Player -- mother's day gifts
Because, yes, they still do sell cassette tapes, this clear tape player with AM/FM radio from Urban Outfitters isn’t just a novelty gift. Or, at least, it’s not entirely a novelty gift. It features a belt clip and earbuds. Two ‘AA’ batteries and mixtape sold separately.

Buy Now $38

40. A Place For Her Memories

Artifact Uprising Brass + Cork Print Stand -- mother's day gifts for working moms
Help the proud mom show off her family (or maybe just the kids?) to unsuspecting colleagues this Mother’s Day with this collaborative print stand from Artifact Uprising and the industrial design studio, YIELD. It’s made of brass and Portuguese cork, fills in admirably as a paperweight, and holds as many as six square photos. Just don’t forget to print out the actual pictures before wrapping.

Buy Now $25

41. A Shoulder Bag With Low-Key Style

Kelly Moore Kate Bag -- mother's day gifts for working moms
The beauty of the 16-inch Kate Bag lies in its versatility: Not only is it a smart-looking casual canvas messenger for work, complete with antiqued brass hardware, a 15-inch laptop compartment, and more pockets than she probably needs. But thanks to three adjustable/removable internal Velcro dividers, the large padded interior pocket can be split into four sections so it smoothly morphs into a pretty slick diaper bag as well.

Buy Now $159

42. Dinnerware That Draws the Eye

Handmade Portuguese Plates And Bowls -- mother's day gifts
Each one of these wheel-thrown and hand-painted terracotta plates was made by two Portuguese brothers, Rui and Egidio, and are as beautiful as they are useful. Bowls measures 7-inches across while the Grand Plate is 11-inches, and they’re all finished with a water-based glaze.

Buy Now $25

43. A Water Bottle That Reminds Her to Hydrate

Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle -- mother's day gifts
The Hidrate Spark water bottle glows to remind you to drink and also tracks your water intake, records it all in an app, and even syncs with Fitbit and Apple Watch for an all-in-one health dashboard. It’s available in six fanciful colors.

Buy Now $55

44. A Charge to Take Anywhere

Flux Charger -- mother's day gifts for working moms
Ensure her phone doesn’t cut out in the middle of FaceTiming the kids while she’s traveling for work with this credit-card sized, universal charger from Flux. Not only will it juice up any USB, micro USB, or lightning port device twice before needing a recharge, but it also uses a smart current regulator to avoid wasting power in the process. The cords are built in and the whole package weighs a paltry 3.1-ounces.

Buy Now $26

45. A Place to Rest in the Backyard

DoubleNest Hammock -- mother's day gifts
Made from a durable 70D waterproof nylon, the DoubleNest comfortably fits two and can be easily packed up for camping trips ⏤ or, in the event, that mom needs to stealthily relocate to the neighbor’s yard to swing/nap in peace.

Buy Now $70

46. An Inspiring New Book

An Inspiring New Book -- mother's day gifts
Give mom time to herself and the perfect book with which to enjoy it. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert, is the book du jour for anyone craving a more creative life. Full of advice, optimism, honesty, and good writing, Gilbert sets forth an accessible and realistic path towards leading a more inspired life.

Buy Now $12

47. An Upgrade

An iPhone 8 RED -- mother's day gifts
Okay, so maybe mom really just wants a phone call from her kids. But hey, who wouldn’t want a new iPhone too. And with every purchase of the special edition iPhone RED, Apple supports HIV/AIDS programs that provide treatment, testing, and medicine to prevent the transmission of HIV from a mother to unborn child. So far, they’ve raised over $160 million through the sale of their (RED) products, which also include a Stella McCartney purse and Swell water bottle specifically for Mother’s Day.

Buy Now $700

48. A Massage Package

A Massage Package -- mother's day gifts
A Mother’s Day gift card from Massage Envy, the national spa chain with over 1,188 locations, includes a free 60-minute facial. Plus, the massage can either be full body, focused on a specific sore spot, or designed for overall blissful stress reduction.

Buy Now $125

49. A Quick Way to Make Iced Coffee

Hyper Chiller Iced Coffee Maker -- mother's day gifts for working moms
Why drop $4 every morning on Starbucks when she can make delicious ice coffee at her desk? The HyperChiller uses two layers of ice to turn 12.5-ounces of piping hot coffee brewed any which way (drip, french press, instant, doesn’t matter) into a refreshingly cold summer beverage in less than a minute. And without watering down the java in the process. It’s dishwasher safe, makes two cups before needing a refreeze, and will even chill her apres-work beer, wine, or martini.

Buy Now $30

50. A Custom Bracelet

Custom Atelier Paulin Bracelet -- mother's day gifts
Custom made in a Parisian workshop, these 14-karat gold wire bracelets can be customized with kid’s names (up to 10 letters) and are worn fitted to the wrist, although an additional band can be added to make it bigger.

Buy Now $310

51. A Steamer She Can Take Anywhere

PurSteam Travel Fabric Steamer -- mother's day gifts
This steamer heats up in minutes, destroys every wrinkle in those impossible to de-wrinkle delicate fabrics, and can be used one-handed while multi-tasking. Even better, it easily fits in a travel bag.

Buy Now $20

52. A Wardrobe Rental Subscription

A Wardrobe Rental Subscription -- mother's day gifts
The gift of a subscription to Rent The Runway guarantees mom many blissful mornings of not deciding what to wear when she opens her closet. The unlimited deal includes four clothing rentals at a time (from over 450 brands), the ability to swap any outfit whenever she wants, and includes dry cleaning and shipping.

Buy Now $159

53. Some Understated Candle Holders

Tea Light Candle Holders -- mother's day gifts
These elegant bronze and brass holders are handmade in India and adorned with a simple bird on the edge.

Buy Now $171

54. A Movie Gift Card

A Movie Gift Card -- mother's day gifts
Whether by herself or with a group of friends, mom will appreciate the rare gift of sitting down in a quiet movie theater. And since she may be reluctant to go unless the tickets are already bought, a personalized gift certificate from a site like Fandango should do the trick.

Buy Now $50

55. A High-End Sheet Mask

Erno Laszlo Sheet Mask -- mother's day gifts
Face-sheet masks are a trend that isn’t dying anytime soon ⏤ and that’s likely because they work. A step up from the drug store variety so they feel like a real indulgence, these Erno Laszlo masks are available in a four-pack and use argan oil and botanical extracts to reverse aging, moisturize, and remove toxins from the skin.

Buy Now $60

56. Her New Favorite Pan

Cuisinart Saute Pan -- mother's day gifts
Cuisinart’s 5-1/2-quart stainless-steel saute pan is a high-end, heat-retaining vessel with an aluminum base and mirror-finish exterior. It’s the ideal daily use pan, one that’s ideal for whipping up everything from marinara sauce to mac and cheese.

Buy Now $42

57. A Card That’s So Much More Than That

greetabl -- mother's day cards
Greetabl does away with standard pre-printed Mother’s Day cards to offer something truly unique. You upload your personal photos, write a message, and pick a box design. Greetabl combines it all into a surprise box that unfolds to reveal a special treat inside, like a cabernet lollipop or lavender soap.

Buy Now $12

58. A Wooden Keepsake

wooden book -- mother's day card
Etsy shop Threepeakscompany uses wood to create its incredible, personalized cards. The front of their Mother’s Day Book Card reads “I love you more than the world,” and the inside can be customized with a personal, laser-engraved message.

Buy Now $19

59. Some New Workout Clothes

Tennis Clothes from Pinks and Greens -- mother's day gifts
Whether for tennis, golf, or hitting the gym, Pinks and Greens covers the full spectrum of functional and cute workout wear.

Buy Now $85

60. A Travel Gift Card

A Travel Gift Card -- mother's day gifts
Planning a full-blown trip for Mother’s Day is tough, but a travel card she can spend on the next family vacation is a fun way to build excitement. Whether it’s a personalized Mother’s Day digital card from Princess Cruises, one from Hotels.com, or the gift of learning Italian (from Fluent City) before a trip to Italy, she’ll get to enjoy both opening and using it.

Buy Now $50

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