7 Dreamy Gifts for a Pisces, the Modern Mystic of the Zodiac

“I think of Pisces as a Sofia Coppola movie,” says Alex Caiola, psychic, astrologer, and founder of spiritual-wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn. “That’s the mood board for them. Very dreamy, potentially with a lot of pastels, kind of hard to tell where it starts and where it ends.” And considering that this water sign reigns over the more spiritual realms of life in being intuitive with a mystical-leaning aura, that characterization seems spot-on. When it comes to gifts for a Pisces, then, what’s the best route to take?

Well, this sign more than others will appreciate an astrology reading, tarot-card pull, or any sort of spiritual guidance, so feel free to get those kinds of experience as gifts for a Pisces; in fact, Caiola offers some fun packages of her own. But, like a Coppola film, they’re not above indulgence and aesthetics. That doesn’t mean they’re superficial, though, because more than anything, they want someone to reflect their natural thoughtfulness. So if you know your Pisces friend loves something, even if they have a million of it, just get another one. They’ll take a “it’s the thought that counts” stance no matter what you get them, but they have trouble expressing when their gift is off-base. (Hint: Save tech items for folks born in earlier February.)

But if you no ideas in mind for gifts for a Pisces, feel free to stick to the guide below of the dreamiest possible options you could get for the twin fish in your life.

7 gifts for a Pisces, the zodiac’s equivalent of dreamy mermaids
1. Marble and Charcoal Pillowcase and Sleep Mask Set, $92

The glossy texture of a silk pillowcase prevents morning-after tangles and helps with acne prevention and wrinkle prevention, alike. Caiola recommends (and personally swears by) a set by Silk. Because, obviously, Pisces should also slide on a matching sleep mask for an extra dose of glamor and sweet dreams.

Shop Now: Marble and Charcoal Pillowcase and Sleep Mask Set, $92

2. Bib & Sola Blue Art Bath Vessel with Dead Sea Salt, $55

For a soothing reset, consider gifting this water sign tools for a salt bath. Ideal for cleansing negative vibes, this product also offers up epidermis-nourishing Dead Sea salt. Good for the soul, good for the skin, and—because it shouldn’t stain like a budget bath bomb may—good for the tub as well.

Shop Now: Bib & Sola Blue Art Bath Vessel with Dead Sea Salt, $55

3. Mykonos Muse, $95

Assouline publishes Pinterest-perfect coffee-table books to satiate a sense of quarantine wanderlust. They’re a must-have for any Pisces who loves some turquoise-toned travel aesthetics.

Shop Now: Mykonos Muse, $95

4. Frette Eternity Robe, $150

Any kind of robe will work for Pisces, to be honest. Something long and silky will help them channel their inner soothsayer, but since the weather outside is still frightful, consider this cozy number. Pisces have a huge affinity for towel time, and investing in a plush terry cloth robe is the elevated version of that. Frette is the go-to brand of a Taurean friend of mine, and I think Pisces would appreciate the recommendation—for what it’s worth, both signs are experts in feeling (albeit in different ways).

Shop Now: Frette Eternity Robe, $150

5. Protection Anointed Ritual Spell Candle, $7

Candles of all kinds will make Pisces feel at home, and this one packs a mystical flair. An anointed candle dabbled with metaphysical extras is perfect for daily (or nightly) rituals. This option casts a gold-glitter shimmer when it melts down, so bonus points for lookin’ pretty.

Shop Now: Protection Anointed Ritual Spell Candle, $7

6. Fancy Crystal Ball, $68

A crystal ball might be a bit much for any other sign; for Pisces, though, it’s a perfectly elegant statement piece. Crystal balls are among the oldest forms of divination, and this natural medium will appreciate its uh, utilitarian use. This selenite orb is still subtle enough to dress up a WFH space, if they so choose.

Shop Now: Fancy Crystal Ball, $68

7. Harvey Decanter Set, $80

Your Pisces friend doesn’t need to drink like a fish in order to appreciate a vintage-style decanter set.  Likewise, Caiola says old-school cocktail books and gorgeous mixing accessories are forever appreciated, and if you’re ever scrambling for a last-minute gift, their favorite bar-cart-friendly beverage should do.

Shop Now: Harvey Decanter Set, $80

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