9 bathrobes so cozy, you’ll never want to take them off

In the current world we’re living in, I’m here to propose that bathrobes fully pass as spring jackets (I mean, if Tony Soprano taught us nothing else about dressing at home, it’s this). So as we slide into an unusual spring, spent at our humble abodes, I’m proposing that it’s time to swap our usual denim and leather layers for cozy robes to get us through this extended WFH period.

Perhaps the most thrilling thing about bathrobes is that you can get creative with how you rock them (for your Zoom meetings and beyond). Throw one over a rock T-shirt, your pajamas, or heck, even jeans if you so wish—there are no rules when it comes to wearing bathrobes (or really when it comes to getting dressed at all!) in this day and age. Obviously, come 8 p.m., you’re going to want to change into your full-on suit, knock back some spaghetti and wine at the dinner table, and bada bing! You’ve found a solid way to break up your day, simply through a wardrobe change.

Until then, keep scrolling to shop for the coziest bathrobes that exist on the internet for daytime you.
Bathen Stripe Robe in Daze, $145 Photo: Bathen
Be a colorful goddess with this vibrantly striped bathrobe. It’s handwoven in India, full-length, and incredibly soft and light for breezy comfort.
Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe, $98 Photo: Brooklinen
For more of a classic bathrobe vibe, this really soft Brooklinen option comes in neutral colors and does the job without much of a flash. (But it’s still incredibly cozy.)
Soft Touch Linen Kimono Waffle Robe, $22 Photo: Soft Touch Linen
Grab this simple but soft bathrobe off of Amazon. It comes in a number of pretty shades, from royal purple to rich burgundy, and is mostly cotton in a waffle texture (and it’s easy to wash, which is a perk).
Kim+Ono Fura Kimono Robe, $98 Photo: Kim+Ono
If you want to feel luxe and wrapped in silk all day long, the gorgeous kimonos by brand Kim+Ono are creations to drool over.
Hotel San Jose Kimono Robe, $180 Photo: Hotel San Jose
To transport yourself to the desert of Joshua Tree or the serene city of Sedona, wrap your body in this Western-style bathrobe. Its colorful stripes make your chilling-at-home outfit much more interesting.
Floerns Women’s Satin Kimono Bathrobe, $19 Photo: Floerns
For a spring/summer vibe, this light, soft robe—which you can order off of Amazon—is decked out in super cute palm leaves. You can also opt for other cute prints, like doves or strawberries.
Morgan Lane Langley Robe, $378 Photo: Morgan Lane
Yes, it’s a splurge, but the Beetlejuice black-and-white stripes look so chic over your sweats and T-shirt. Plus this kimono-shaped robe is fully silk, which means that it feels divine to wear all day.
Mia Mixed Print Robe, $59 Photo: Mia
Throw this fun black and white print over literally anything for a comfortable-all-day feeling. It’s long so that you can wrap yourself up if you feel a cool breeze (from the air conditioner).
Aerie Softest Sleep Robe, $30 Photo: Aerie
Aerie’s light-as-air bathrobe wraps around to give your skin the softest, most plush comfort. It comes in charcoal gray and sky blue, and has a hood for added coziness.

BTW, here’s how often you should wash those leggings that you’re probably also wearing on the reg. And this is how long you can go without showering in general (you’re welcome).
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