All of the things that have trended in the past year of questionable validity, it appears one of them is actually helpful to our lives

The decluttering movement of 2019, led by Marie Kondo via her very HGTV-esque Netflix series, has taken the internet and world by storm. Kondo’s philosophy is simple— if the item sparks joy when you touch it, keep it. If it doesn’t, don’t.

This may sound like a rather brutal way of ridding your home of things that may hold memories and sentimental value, but believe it or not, that clutter could be causing your unhappiness. If your lack of organization is causing you to spend unreasonable amounts of time searching for things you need, that can sap your energy and build up frustration. In more severe situations, that clutter could be a safety risk if it causes fire hazards or mold/dust buildup that damages your health.

Sure, decluttering mostly involves throwing things away. But when you’re done throwing away those unnecessary things, you’ll want to set up a proper organization system to make sure it doesn’t build up all over again. That’s where Kingston Brass comes in. By adding a few fixtures to your bathroom and kitchen, you can set up a new trend in your home— one of structure and less gray hairs.
1. Plan

Take a step back and evaluate what parts of your home need the most attention. Is it your attic? Your basement? Your garage? The supply closet? Maybe it’s somewhere less expected, like your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Wherever it is, designate every spot with a planned completion date. Then, start on them one by one.

2. Sort

This is where the Queen of Declutter comes in. Kondo’s method makes it possible for you to eliminate gigantic amounts of clutter relatively quickly, but if you’re not ready to say goodbye to so many of your things at once, there’s an alternative. Instead, designate a box/pile for storage. This way, you can neatly put away things you don’t need that often without it interfering with your daily living or getting rid of it entirely.

3. Throw

Once you’ve established what you’re getting rid of, figure out how you’re going to do it. Luckily, you’ve got a few options! For old magazines, paper and plastic containers, or glass bottles, turn to the recycling bin. For batteries, lightbulbs, and electronics, make sure you dispose of them safely in centers that will take them. If you have shoes, clothing, toys, or books that are no longer being used, consider donating them to a local charity, they’d love to have your contribution. (You’ll feel good about it, too!) And if you’ve got a few valuables worth selling and a lot of patience, you can set up a garage sale. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make a good buck.

Decluttering Your Kitchen

With all the plates, bowls, mugs, and other food containers that go through your kitchen, it’s no wonder that your kitchen is Clutter Central. To get rid of this mess, tackle the counter first. Get everything off your kitchen counters except a few frequently-used, essential items, such as a coffee maker, hot water kettle, and knife block. If a lot of your clutter comes from having all sorts of silverware drying out in the open, consider a sink grid or colander to help save space. The sink grid can protect your sink from scratches and prevent clean food or dishes from coming in contact with unwanted residue at the bottom of the sink. When you’re done washing, you can prop the colander directly over the sink and dry your dishes without taking up any extra space on your counter. From there, they can go directly into the cupboard, no additional steps necessary.

Shown above: Gourmetier KGKFA331810BC Sink and Rack

Decluttering Your Bathroom

Those little shampoo and lotion bottles you get in hotels or as free samples are dangerous. If your bathroom is anything like mine, those bottles are probably littered all over like a tiny army, except that they’re not doing me (or you) any good. To choose what to remove from your bathroom, put like things together so you can see how much you need of one item and how much you can give/throw away. Once the unnecessary is gone, it’s time to add a few key things to make sure your newly organized, clean bathroom stays that way. If finding space for towels/clothing is difficult, add robe hooks, towel bars, or towel rings to capitalize on wall area. Adding a bathroom shelf gives you extra room for various toiletries as well. To prevent your bathroom from looking dirty, put soap in soap dishes or dispensers and toilet paper on toilet paper holders for a neat, tidy look.

Shown above: BAK31248SN Victorian 3-Piece Bathroom Hardware in Brushed Nickel

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