All Our Saint



What with the pandemic and all, we skipped the regular trick or treating this year.

Instead, we all dressed up as saints and trick or treated indoors!

The way this worked is that we each had a bag of candy to give out and a bag for candy collection.

It was a bit chaotic, but very fun!


 Pa was St. Bruno, with his fuzzy brown bear robe.

Here we have St. Michael, St. Raphael, and Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mxyl, Leena, and Klenda).

And here is St. Denis (with his head chopped off), a poor soul, and St. John Paul II (Zorg, Choclo, and Oob).

And here are the Emperor as St. Florian (patron saint of firefighters) and me as St. Monica (I just want my children to be saints!).

And, last but not least, we have Mumpy as St. Rose of Llama.

And a happy All Souls to everyone, while we are at it!

I think I am going to try making these Soul Cakes today, although we are putting off our cemetery visit until tomorrow when the Emperor can come along (he has off for election day).