Another Small Home Improvement Project - Main Bathroom Final Details & Reveal

As with the master bedroom project we were lacking two things when we took on this one - time and money.  We have two bathrooms in our house but only one has a shower.  We were super motivated to get it done in record time as no one wanted to drag it out and go without a shower for very long.  Certainly not in August.  We needed to get it done in one weekend so it was all hands on deck!
I love how the vanity turned out
Much nicer storage area now
The drawers were redone inside and out
On Friday, right after I got home from work we did the demo work, went through our supplies one more time, made a list and headed off to Home Depot to get a gallon of paint and a few other little things.  When we got home I got busy and tackled the vanity and got it pretty much finished that night before bed.
I repainted the mirror frame
The next morning we were up with the chickens adding trim, installing the wainscot and caulking everything.  We had to wait for the caulk to cure so that pretty much ended our day at that point, which was fine because that was a pretty full day.  But by Sunday morning we were back in business painting, painting and painting.  Once that was done and dry we removed the tape, cleaned up our mess, cleaned up our bathroom, laundered the shower curtain and liner and started putting everything back together so we could all take turns and have a shower.
I replaced the old shower head
I spent the next four days after work putting in the final details.  I picked up a new showerhead at Bed Bath & Beyond and I splurged and got a two head spa model.  Kind of an early birthday present for myself.  I installed it as soon as I got home with it and let me just say, best shower ever!
I painted the toilet paper holder
and the towel bars
The toilet paper holder and the towels bars got repainted with a few coats of Rustoleum Metallic Aluminum spray paint.  I let those things sit for a few days and then reinstalled them using proper drywall anchors I'd purchased at Home Depot.  I also spray painted the old robe hook I like to use to hang my bath towel on and used the last two drywall anchors to reinstall it.
  The old robe hook needed a little sprucing up

Much improved and looks brand new!

I relocated the shower caddy to the back wall
The new showerhead is really nice, but I can no longer get the shower caddy to hang off of it.  Not a worry though as I picked up a Command hook at Wal-Mart and was able to put that at the back of the shower to hang the caddy on.  We all decided we like it there better anyway and because of the shower curtain it is hidden from view, which is fine by me!
A candle and some fall pumpkins for decoration
I think it turned out really nice
I added a candle in a candleholder with some pebbles that I already had in the downstairs hall closet to the counter, our jars I picked up from Dollar Tree years ago to hold cotton balls and swabs.  The hand soap dispenser is from Bath & Body Works and I keep refilling it with homemade foaming soap solution.
  I hung our towels back up along with our shower curtain and liner
We love using our new bathroom, especially the new shower head
Like most of the spaces in our home our main bathroom is simple, clean, practical and really pretty too.  We all really enjoy using this room now just like all of the other rooms we have renovated in the past year and a half.  This feeling motivates us to keep on going.

Next space to tackle, our upstairs hallway. #CraftsAndProjects #OurHome
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