Apple execs compare See with Game of Thrones during PR push

What you need to know See will air on Apple TV+. Stars Jason Mamoa and Alfie Woodard are features in Emmy magazine. Apple execs also spoke about the show and its comparisons with Game of Thrones.
At a rumored $15 million per episode, See is being compared with Game of Thrones.

Apple continued its PR push ahead of Apple TV+'s launch with See stars Jason Mamoa and Alfie Woodard appearing on the cover of Emmy magazine. The company also took out advertising in the issue, with Apple TV+ execs Jamie Erlicht and Zack van Amburg also interviewed. Buyers of the magazine will also receive a voucher for a free month of Apple TV+ as well.

With Apple believed to be spending around $15 million on each episode of See, comparisons are being made with another big budget show that also had huge scope – Game of Thrones. And Erlicht and van Amburg don't appear to be shying away from the prospect of being compared with such a popular show. "Can it be as epic as, say, a Game of Thrones? We answer that question early on with a resounding yes!" they say during the interview that was picked up by 9to5Mac.

See is set 600 years into the future with the human race having lost the ability to see. Mamoa's character then has two children, both of which have the power of sight. The chaos that then ensues with factions fighting over the children has the potential to make for some enthralling television. And See is the most ambitious show to be ready for Apple TV+'s big launch on November 1st.

Part of that ambition involved making sure that the actors were believable when portraying blind characters. The production team hired dozens of actors who were blind or had limited sight to ensure authenticity, while seeing actors also worked to ensure their movements and interactions were authentic. Mamoa in particular is said to have gone the extra mile.

Jason was a prime example. Navigation was a big part of the show, and he was constantly devising new ways to move. He might be wearing a long robe and throw it out like a whip in front of him to guide him. Sometimes he might be carrying an axe, and slide it out in front like a walking stick. If he was walking by water, he'd kick some so others could follow the splash.

You can check See out when Apple TV+ goes live on November 1st. The service costs $4.99 per month for the whole family. Anyone buying a new iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac will receive a free month, too.