Ask Adam: How Do You Pronounce ‘Paso Robles?’

Paso, as the locals often refer to it, is one of the most exciting wine regions in America right now. Just mention the name to our wine tastings director Keith, and he’ll talk your ear off about the wonderful diversity of the region, the warm days, and cool nights, and the way the unique climate and environment allow for the vibrant acidity of the wines produced there. Paso Robles is a place worth paying attention to. But if you want to seem like you’re in the know, you’ll need to know how to pronounce the up-and- coming region’s name.

If you were to take a stab at it yourself, you might assume the correct pronunciation was Paso ROH-blays, but if you say this to a local winemaker, you’ll probably receive a look that will have you simply referring to the region as Paso moving forward. Ask most locals, and they will quickly tell you the correct pronunciation is Paso ROH-buhlz. Another way to think of it is, while the Spanish pronunciation may seem natural here, it’s pronounced in the English interpretation, which sounds like Paso “Row-Bulls” rather than Paso “Robe-Less.”

Now you know, and can go back to drinking wine.

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