August Picks to Make You Smile

August is the time we start to reflect on the wrap-up of summer and the beginning of fall. There certainly have been some great products this season that have brought us joy during this transition of time.

Fist off most of us are trying to keep up with a health kick. We are loving ZanaJuices.

The food we purchase and eat has been grown mainly using Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK), which is the minimum requirement to grow food, and has to have pesticides and chemicals used. Because this is true, we need living probiotics, vitamins and minerals. The organic food we should be eating needs to be loaded with vitamins, minerals, and healthy bacteria.

The mindset that a still probiotic powder or capsule containing powder is enough to influence your health as a probiotic supplement is incorrect, and this is why there is  ZanaJuices, to provide you with the living probiotics you need in food, in an easy to drink form: ZanaJuices.In one week you will feel energized and your mood changes to positive.

And, for that relaxing time after a long week, we love Fig & Olive’s new rose wine. The pale pink robe, highly aromatic nose with notes of lychees and citrus are divine. It is rich and fresh with an elegant and balanced mouth. This versatile wine can be enjoyed from appetizers to dessert. It pairs beautifully with a multitude of dishes including grilled fish and meats, seafood, sushi and most Provencal and Mediterranean cuisine. It makes it the best treat with any Fig & Olive dish you are ordering for curbside pick-up, patio seating or home delivery.