August tiny projects challenge: Day 1

This morning I spent 15 minutes on a tiny project that’s been on my list forever: my pajamas. I’m not ashamed to share that I store my pajamas in a laundry basket on the floor next to my side of the bed. Since I am not remotely worried about my pjs wrinkling, tossing them in the basket when I put away laundry (or after taking them off to re-wear) is about as easy as it gets. And if you’ve read my stuff for any length of time, you know I’m all about easy.

Here’s a picture of the basket before I started my little session:

I set my stopwatch, and started emptying the basket garment by garment. Naturally, those I wear most often were at the top of the basket. I folded the pajamas and put them together in sets. I grouped short-sleeve and long-sleeve pajamas in separate piles. I’m a big fan of Soma Cool Nights pajamas (which I always buy on sale) and at the bottom of the basket were some pajamas I’d bought prior to discovering the comfort of Cool Nights. So those went right into the donate pile. I discovered a couple of pair of lounge pants that I don’t sleep in but want to keep storing in the basket.

Once everything was sorted out, here’s how it all looked spread out on the bed:

Then all I had to do was put the stuff back. Since it’s August, my big winter robe went in the bottom of the basket. Next to it went the long-sleeved pajamas. I started piling them in layers, based on frequency of use, with my go-to favorites and my summer robe in the top layer.

Here’s the after photo:

So much better, right? It was a nice, satisfying investment of 15 minutes. I know that very soon (like tomorrow or perhaps the next day, if I’m diligent tomorrow), it will look messy again. And I’m just fine with that. I’m going to try to remember when the weather gets cold to do another sort so that the warm items are on the top. I think this is a great example of function over form. And also an excellent example of good enough!

Stay tuned tomorrow for another tiny project!