Bathroom Design Ideas for Vanity Console Sinks


Console sinks are made for small bathrooms and add stylish visual appeal with a variety of finishes and styles. While single-bowl designs are perfect if your bathroom is short on space, double-bowl designs are also available for larger spaces. Designing around a console sink might seem tricky, but Kingston Brass is here to help with some simple tweaks that can turn an ordinary sink into an important part of an updated design.

Handy Storage

Unlike a pedestal sink, one of the advantages of a console vanity sink is that the area under the sink is clear. That’s a perfect place to house mobile shelving or mesh pullout baskets, and it provides a perfect location to store extra towels, soaps, and supplies.


Bathroom shelving with matching hardware can pull a bathroom together and provide a handy place for items often used. The Concord Collection cosmetic glass shelf features beautiful brushed nickel fixtures and high-quality tempered glass. Use several for a floating shelf arrangement and lots of room for makeup and bath bottles.

Towel Bars and Warmers

If there’s extra floor space, indulge in a towel warmer. The Templeton Freestanding Towel Warmer is available in a finish to match any vanity console and a great place to keep towels toasty and ready for the next bather.

If floor space is limited but there’s room on your walls, consider a bathroom accessory set that includes a towel bar, toilet paper holder, robe hook, and towel ring all in finishes to match any console sink hardware.


The console vanity sink includes a larger deck or vanity that extends farther than a standard sink. This is a perfect spot for accessories like soap dispensers, guest towels, and even a small decorative flower vase to add a pop of style and color. Soap dishes are available for vanity placement mounted nearby on the wall like the classic soap dish and polished brass fixture.

To view the variety of accessories for console sinks or to choose a console vanity, visit Kingston Brass to find several styles and finishes or call 1-877-252-7277 for a free consultation with a Kingston Brass expert.


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