Being a new mom isn’t easy: between all-night feeding sessions, hormonal upheavals, loss of personal time and space, and recovering from bringing a human being into existence through their very bodies, there’s a lot for a new mom to get used to

New motherhood is about many feelings, like joy and love but also extreme discomfort. Fortunately, discomfort responds well to cozy, shiny new things. These 12 gifts for new moms will make her feel comfy-cozy, spoiled, and hopefully just like herself again. 
Motherhood Maternity Lace Racerback Nursing Sleep Bralette
For breastfeeding moms who want to wear something pretty while sleepless and covered in spit-up.
Buy Now $19.98
Buying lingerie for your wife can be fraught: it’s usually more for you than her. The beauty of this nursing bra is that it’s supremely comfortable (Motherhood Maternity knows their stuff) while also being one of the prettier things that she’ll wear in those infant days. 

Hot Milk Women's Show-Off Nursing and Maternity Bra, Navy, 38F
For breastfeeding moms who explicitly say: “I wish I had a gorgeous bra to make me feel sexy.”
Buy Now $56.60

You’ll screw this up royally if you just buy this out the blue, but if a conversation — a mutual, two-way, back-and-forth conversation — has happened on the subject of lingerie and sexy feelings, then this is the bra that you’ll both love. The brand is called Hot Milk for a reason. 
Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light, and Time-to-Rise
A great-looking, thoughtfully designed nightlight that’ll help both mom and baby.
Buy Now $59.99
The best gift of all for a new mom just might be sleep. The Bluetooth-enabled Rest is a nightlight, sound machine, and “time-to-rise” hybrid controlled by your smartphone. That means it can provide soothing sounds to help a baby sleep before it becomes a sleep-training device for toddlers. You can select nightlight colors (including red, which is less disruptive to sleep — important for nighttime feedings) as well as sounds, and it also offers preset light and sound themes to promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production.
a & R Cashmere Cashmere & Wool-Blend Robe, Brown
She'll look like she's just wearing a robe, but she'll actually be enveloped in thousands of tiny, buttery-soft hugs.
Buy Now $139.99
This cashmere-and-wool robe has and understated luxury to it, with everything she needs — comfort, softness, pockets — and nothing she doesn’t.
L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
A very practical item, but the fanciest and best version of it.
Buy Now $29.00
It’s just hand cream, but it’s also not. L’Occitane’s version smells better, looks better, works better, and also makes life a little better while you’re rubbing it on. Think of this as a brief escape from the chaos of new motherhood — and the perfect stocking-stuffer.
UGG Women's Scuffette II Slipper
Exquisitely cozy slippers from the experts in foot coziness.
Buy Now $84.95
Who pays this much for slippers? You do, for your fucking amazing wife. There is no cozier slipper than these, and the natural materials mean that they’ll be cozy without getting hot. Also, the slip-on style = one less thing for her to do.
Faherty Polly Merino Sweater

Buy Now $248

This gorgeous merino-and-alpaca sweater is cozy and stylish AF. It’s especially good for moms of babies, who will love playing with the woolly fringe.
State Cashmere Super-Soft Sleep Socks
The next best thing to a foot massage.
Buy Now $50.00
Few people go to the trouble or expense to buy themselves cashmere socks. That’s why you need to buy them for your wife. When you’re a new mom, every little bit of comfort helps.
Lini 910 Labrusca Labrusco Rosso

Buy Now $18

Just because she’s a mom now does not mean that she should start drinking mom wine — c’mon. However, this red bubbly is just a really good, really festive bottle of wine that she’ll love with the dinner that you make her.
Delonghi 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine
There’s not going to be sleep, anyway — might as well just have good espresso.
Buy Now $278.36
If Mom is subsisting on caffeine, then a nice coffee machine will make her day. This one was recommended to us by a coffee expert as one of the best beginner models. It has 15 bars of pressure that will ensure decent flavor extraction, only takes 40 seconds to preheat, has options to adjust the flow length for customized espresso, and is very easy to use. It can also make two drinks at once and handle E.S.E Pods (the non-plastic ones). The manual frothing wand makes for quick and easy cappuccinos, too.
Veer Cruiser | Next Generation Stroller Wagon Hybrid
Not a wagon so much as a mobile command unit for moms.
Buy Now $599.00
The Veer Cruiser is a modular stroller that can be outfitted with a variety of sold-separately accessories that help you get from A to B (and from infant seat to sun shade) more easily. It has burly, airless tires, a welded aluminum frame, and a sturdy telescoping handle. In short, it’s a utility wagon that can be customized to fit any type of family need and make park days and beach days so much less of a hassle.
Magnolia Record Club

Whether it’s to soothe a baby or themselves, a curated collection of albums is something new parents will appreciate. If they sensibilities skew old-school — or hipster-y — Magnolia is a nice gesture. The monthly service sends a curated, special-edition record to their month by Amos Lee, Wilco, Jason Isbell, and a slew of others. Starts at $25/month

Buy Now $25
Boppy Original Newborn Lounger, Elephant Love Gray
A portable resting place for baby.
Buy Now $32.99
The Boppy pillow that’s been circulating the internet is well-known for good reason. It gives baby a soft resting spot, so mom can go hands-free, and its simple, lightweight design makes it ultra-portable, giving it a different role than a rocker or crib.
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