Bella Hadid Looks Better In This Bathrobe Than I Would In A Literal Gown

Can we all take a moment to hype up Bella Hadid’s styling skills? So often, models just wear whatever designers tell them to, but based on the Instagram Story I just saw of Bella Hadid’s robe, it’s clear she’s a secret stylist in her own right.

ICYMI, Hadid was sharing a bevvy of snapshots on her Instagram story when she posted a shot of herself in a white waffle weave bathrobe. Boring? Yeah, not to her. Rather than wrap it around herself and cinch her waist with the tie, Hadid went for a more, um, unconventional approach.

She tied the arms of the robe into a halter neckline to create an almost bikini-like tunic, and honestly, it looked really bomb. TBH, I didn’t even realize it was a robe until I read the caption. “I style everything out it’s a blessing and a curse,” she wrote, joking about how extra her robe-tying skills truly were.

You know that seen in Aquamarine when Sara Paxton as a mermaid-turned-human takes a baggy tee and magically twists it into a cute dress? Bella’s DIY robe wardrobe has pretty much the same energy.

Courtesy of Bella Hadid/Instagram.

Most of the time, it’s pretty unlikely that I can afford to copy Hadid’s exact ensembles to a T. This time around, though, I can totally justify investing in a nice waffle weave robe, and after trying to find one similar to hers, I finally found a great match on QVC.

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Courtesy of Linum Home Textiles.

Unisex Waffle Weave Bathrobe $74.44

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Whether you want to copy Hadid’s cute robe-as-top moment or just need a cozy robe to snuggle up in post-shower, the Linum Home Textiles Unisex Waffle Weave Bathrobe is definitely the move. This baby just shot to the top of my holiday wishlist! It’s the same lightweight waffle-weave material as Hadid’s own robe, so even though it’s warm enough to wick you dry and keep you cozy, it’s thin enough to be DIY’d into an unexpectedly cute ensemble.

I’m assuming Hadid didn’t actually go anywhere in this robe-as-top fit, but either way, I admire her creativity. Maybe she should pursue more styling opportunities in addition to slaying the runway!

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