Best Shower Doors – Open Up To A Refreshing Update Today

According to statistics, 58% of men and 68% of women all across the world shower at least once every day. Perhaps what we get from this is that women clearly shower more than men, and also, how important taking a bath is. Your bathroom is a sacred place; it’s where you get to sing out loud in privacy and unwind after a long day. It’s therefore important that it be peaceful, tranquil and most importantly, it should remain nice and dry after use so that you can walk back in with your socks on. For this reason, you’ll need a nice shower door.

The best shower doors are made to suit your space while giving your bathroom a spacious, modern feel. The most common of the kind are glass slide doors that open by sliding to either left or right. They are made to fit the design of most rooms; therefore, you can easily install them without major proportional adjustments. We also have different models like framed or frameless and transparent or translucent, which you can pick according to your preference. Some even come with extra features such as towel rails for a smoother experience.

To save you from having to scroll through countless reviews on the internet, we have compiled a list of the top-of-the-line, best bathroom doors for you to pick.

Top 10 Shower Doors Of 2020 Reviewed

1. DreamLine Enigma-X

Best Shower Doors For Modern Urban Look

Luxury and sophistication with a cool and urban style are what you can get with this frameless shower door by DreamLine. The Enigma-X model offers an optimized glass design for excellent quality. It comes with a tempered glass feature with high heat treatment along with remarkable thickness to withstand excessive use.

The premium 10mm thick glass with ANSI certification also boasts of its water repellant and stain resistant coating while the stainless steel guide bar and handle features a rich brushed finish. It also comes with a sharp cutting edge design so that water does not escape from the shower.

DreamLine Enigma-X


  • Water does not escape the shower
  • Urban and stylish design
  • Luxurious stainless steel finish


  • Requires professional installation
  • Not tested for durability

2. Kohler K-702208-L-NX

Best Shower Doors For Low Maintenance

This shower door is perfect for people who do not have the luxury of time to clean it every now and then because of its unique glass door coating, allowing the water drainage from the surface instead of staying on the glass. Thus, you need not to deal with stubborn and unattractive glass stains, which demand cleaning repeatedly.

The 4-inch shower door comes with the shower screen and towel rails on both the inside and outside the area of the stationary table, boosting its usefulness. You can bend the tower rails marginally to highlight more taste and style to the bathroom while the brushed nickel metal parts of the shower door give it a tasteful and delicate look. You would love this low maintenance shower door if you were aiming for a classic finish with a balance of modern aesthetics.

Kohler K-702208-L-NX


  • Requires minimal cleanup and maintenance
  • Can match tiles or fiber bases
  • Useful towel rails for increased usability


  • Questionable stability

3. ELEGANT SHOWERS 58.5-60” W x 72” H, Semi-Frameless Bypass Sliding Shower Doors

Best Semi-Frameless Bypass Sliding Shower Door

The makers of the Elegant Showers Semi-Frameless Bypass Sliding Shower Doors say they have the safest easy-to-clean product in the market. That’s because they have used clear tempered glass, which is ANSI Z97.1 certified, to make this door. The glass door has an adjustable width of between 58.5 inches to 60 inches. Depending on the size you choose, you may have to cut the top and bottom rail tracks appropriately. This shower door features a chrome hardware finish, which is high-quality.

It comes with an exterior handle, where you can hang clothes, towels, and so on. The framework is made from prime aluminum, which is capable of resisting corrosion and rust. To prevent possible leakage, the glass door has full-length vinyl door seals. That way, you will be able to maintain cleanliness and tidiness in your bathroom. But you cannot be sure of it working as promised if you install it yourself. That is why the manufacturers recommend that you hire only a professional installation service.



  • No-leakage shower doors
  • Framed using prime corrosion-free aluminum
  • Has an adjustable width


  • Reports about the glass breaking after a short while
  • You have to pay for installation instructions
  • Some reported dents in the framework

4. Aston SDR978-SS-60-10

Best Shower Doors For Reversible Use

Innovation is one of the best descriptions you can use for this shower door model by Aston because the door is reversible so that you can use it for both the right and left door openings. It is a practical choice especially if you do not want to deal with any obstructions when you enter the shower or come out after your bath. Due to its innovative design, the shower door is also ideal for bathrooms with small or limited spaces.

On top of the premium clear tempered safety glass, you would also love the brushed stainless steel finish on its hardware feature, giving you that classic and sophisticated look. The 10mm frameless clear glass door is easy to clean and maintain while its top support down offers a smooth opening wheeled roller system.

Aston SDR978-SS-60-10


  • Reversible and practical function
  • Easy to clean clear glass
  • Innovative stainless steel nose and hardware


  • Rust spots appear on stainless steel hardware over time

5. Aqua Fold Folding Door

Best Shower Doors For Smaller Spaces

DreamLine comes up with one of the best shower door models, which is suitable for limited or much smaller bathroom spaces as the door is foldable with self-centering rotation design. This feature allows for pan exit or pivoting section while the space-saving dimension of the door includes 46 pounds of weight and 0.2 x 36 x 58 inches overall measurement.

Quality is a guarantee for this shower door model because of its anodized aluminum partition profile, ensuring modification for the 10mm non-soldered enclosure. It comes with a reversible door structure for practical use while the limited lifetime warranty makes the shower door a solid investment.

Aqua Fold Folding Door


  • Ideal for smaller bathroom spaces
  • Reversible door with right or left door opening
  • Lightweight yet strong


  • Requires professional setup
  • No complete alternatives

6. VIGO Elan Sliding Shower Door

Best Shower Doors For Safety

The frameless sliding shower door by VIGO features a clear glass development and the Elan model is available in stainless steel and chrome finishes to cater to your preferences and budget. It has exceptional rollers and built-in modifications including best rail and remote board holder, which makes the door extremely safe especially for the elderly.

On top of preventing slippage and other types of common accidents in the shower, the smooth 3/8 inch treated clear tempered glass also boats of its Rollerdesk Technology, making the door adaptable and reversible so that it could slide to either the left or right, depending on your preference and convenience. With stainless steel construction, the hardware components of the shower door are safe from scratch, chip, or rust.

VIGO Elan Sliding Shower Door


  • Excellent rust or scratch resistant materials
  • Durable and reversible
  • Easy installation with flex-sizing technology


  • Expensive or overpriced
  • Complex installation

7. Tropical Glass Art 24”-28” Frameless Shower Door with Brushed Nickel or Chrome Hardware Combo

Best Frameless Shower Door

For people with small-sized showers, there is no need to go for a massive door. A simple 24-inch to 28-inch door should do the trick. In fact, Tropical Glass Art offers to provide you with a custom-made door that fits perfectly in your shower. In this case, you need to provide the measurement of your shower so that they can know the size of the door they should provide you with.

What you will get is a tempered glass of 10mm thickness with polished edges to prevent injuries that may come due to accidental cuts. The hardware combines chrome and nickel finishes to give you a nice-looking shower door. Installing this shower door is effortless and doesn’t require a professional installer to do it. Unlike the other shower doors on the market, this particular one comes with complete, easy-to-understand installation instructions. The door is securely packed to ensure that it reaches you in perfect condition.

Frameless Shower Door


  • Possibility of getting a custom-made door
  • A combination of a chrome/nickel hardware
  • Packed securely to prevent cracking during shipping


  • Reported poor customer service
  • Complaints about installation instructions
  • The anchors it comes with may not fit accurately

8. Sunny Shower Two-Way Sliding Door

Best Shower Doors For The Money

Sunny Shower comes up with the B020 classic series and this two-way sliding door model is more than your usual frameless bypass sliding enclosure for several reasons. It introduces the tempered glass with ANSI certification while the aluminum guide rails offer stability and durability for its hardware. You see an instant look for sophistication and class with the polished chrome hardware finish, matching urban and modern aesthetics.

The reversible closing and opening structural positioning guarantee flexibility for your specific layout while the top and bottom track offer stability and additional strength to the shower door. Other components of the shower door include the towel bar, dual glass panel, and knobs.

Sunny Shower Two-Way Sliding Door


  • Value for money
  • Flexible and practical reversible design
  • ANSI-certified tempered glass
  • Strong and durable top and bottom track rails


  • Requires professional setup
  • Wobbly door

9. Basco Deluxe Framed Sliding Door

Best Shower Doors For Easy Installation

The Basco framed sliding shower door is easy to install even for novice or average DIY installation because of the simple specifications of the product. You can set up the unit for right or left entry for flexible and practical use. The clear .188-inch clear glass is the ideal choice if you are aiming for something sophisticated and luxurious in terms of your bathroom aesthetic because of the polished finish.

One of the things that make this bathroom shower door an instant hit for your home update is that it is versatile enough that you can apply it to any bathtub material, walls, and shower bases. The curb width and innovative design feature a secure enclosure that repels water and keeps it from escaping the shower.

Basco Deluxe Framed Sliding Door


  • Easy installation
  • High performance with thick tempered clear glass
  • Luxurious craftsmanship for sophistication
  • Stable and secure enclosure


  • May require regular cleaning

10. Mecor Hinged Shower Door

Best Shower Doors For Convenient Access

There are lots of things to love about this shower door by Mecor but the easy entry and exit access of the unit is the most noteworthy due to its swing door design and stationary panel. The door dimension of 39 inches in width and 55 inches in height contributes to its stability and strength to withstand heat temperature and other shower conditions.

It comes with a ¼’ safety clear glass with high-quality materials and chrome finish while the frameless curved design of the door ensures a distinct aesthetic in the frameless door category. On top of the frameless circular glass design, the enclosure also comes with a continuous self-centering 180-degree pivot radius for convenient entry and exit as well as the reversible left or right opening.

Mecor Hinged Shower Door


  • Easy access
  • Stainless steel towel bar for convenient use
  • Rubber strip to keep water within the shower


  • Odd hardware bits
  • Complicated assembling instruction
  • Takes time to install

How To Choose Best Shower Doors: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Shower curtains are a thing of the past because shower doors are more remarkable and lucrative options, especially when planning on a bathroom update today. On top of the better functionality, shower doors are better than shower curtains because they look nicer and boost your bathroom aesthetic to a higher level.

You can find a wide array of shower doors to choose from and this makes your search more challenging and daunting, to begin with. Thus, we collate a comprehensive list of criteria and the things that you should highly consider when updating your bathroom, starting with bath mats to industry-grade shower doors that offer not just a polished look for innovative function as well.

Shower Door Type

Shower doors are not created equal especially when it comes to their type or design and the market would show you how confusing your choices could become. Some of the most popular types of shower doors include frameless and semi-frameless models, framed shower enclosures, glass tub doors, sliding, pivoting, bi-fold, and partial tub enclosures. Each of these units has their distinct designs and operation mechanisms that suit different factors such as your shower space, wall, flooring, and dimension.


The type of glass for your shower door influences the overall quality, function, and aesthetic of the shower enclosure you choose. Some of the latest models have the clear tempered glass with heat treatment while others have frosted features and classic designs. You can also choose glass types with textured or patterned finishes, depending on your preference and personal style. The glass type of your door would determine how much privacy you would get and the amount of light that could access the shower.

Door Track and Handle

Traditional and contemporary bathroom fixtures have unique features especially when it comes to the track and handle. For the contemporary door track style and finish, you can choose between nickel and chrome while traditional track-style options are polished or white brass and bronze. You should choose a track style that matches your bathroom fixture such as the handle, which equally comes with a wide assortment of design. Some handles are sleek and simple while others are elegant and complex in style, depending on your bathroom theme.


One of the benefits of choosing a shower door for your bathroom update is that you can enjoy a wide range of design and modifications to suit your needs and preferences. You can find brands and models that offer built-in modifications to make the unit more versatile, usable, and functional. Shower doors could have coordinating accessories such as towel rings, towel bars, toilet paper holders, robe hooks, best rails, and so much more.


Updating your shower door need not break the bank thus, the first thing you need to do is compare the different products you have on the market and see which of these units have the price range that matches your available budget. Make sure that the shower door you choose is affordable but would not sacrifice the quality. There must always be a balance between quality and affordability in order to come up with the best shower door investment.

Final Words

The primary function of the best shower doors is to keep the steam or water inside the shower but modern units prove to be more than just that basic function. In fact, the latest selection of shower enclosures is unique, stylish, and versatile that you can do more and get more benefits from your investment.

Contemporary shower doors add a beautiful aesthetic and design element to your bathroom space with an exciting variety of sizes and styles. Shower doors become decorative components of the bathroom on top of maintaining their function and this is a win-win situation for you. However, the most challenging part is in finding the right shower enclosure to match your preferences and other factors including your budget and shower space.

This guide helps you narrow down your choices through a comprehensive list of the latest and best shower door units and brands, based on their features and the categories they excel in. It always pays to do pre-purchase research first before making a final decision since shower doors are not that cheap after all. It would save you time, money, and lots of worries if you know the different shower enclosure models, their specifications, and whether they suit your needs on your next bathroom update!

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