But God...

By Elizabeth Prata

We are saved to sin no more. We are saved to worship God rightly. We are saved to love Jesus. What are we saved from? God's wrath for our sin, which is a crime against Him.

Without Jesus, I'd probably be dead by now. I was without hope. Being without hope is a very dangerous place to be. Quiet despair ain't easy to live with. But He saved me and gave me ALL HOPE, faith, Himself, a future, a robe, a crown, and His love. Repent and receive the same!

The greatest gift that God gave the world is His Son Jesus. Non-believer, you might not accept this, as I didn't long ago. But it's true. It is true. Jesus is a gift to you. Repent now and see that it is true.

The two best words in the Bible might just be "But God..."

Imagine the little church at Damascus. "Saul of Tarsus is coming! He will persecute us! He'll bring us to Jerusalem to kill us!" Acts 9:1

But God…

Imagine Peter in jail. "I’ve been here for so long! My trial is tomorrow! Is the church even praying for me?" Acts 12:5-7

But God…

Imagine Hagar and Ishmael waiting to die in the desert. "I can’t even look! My precious boy! They sent us away!" Genesis 21:15-16

Imagine the believers at the cross. "Jesus has died! He is in the tomb! All is lost!" John 19:30

But God… Matthew 28:6!

The other best words in the Bible? John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.