Diaper Washing: Dry Pailing Diapers

Wet/Dry Cloth Diaper Bags
I actually stopped using a diaper pail altogether! I dry pail in a fleece and PUL wetbag (I have 2 in rotation).

The bags coordinate with my bathroom, and I have one hanging on a robe hook in the bathroom, instead of a diaper pail.

I put 1/2 cup of baking soda and a dribble of tea tree oil or lavender essential oil in each empty bag before I bring it up from the washer, but there really hasn't been much smell...

I've actually had friends ask me where I put my diapers, even after spending two days at my house and using the bathroom I store the used diapers in!

I simply plop any solid poops into the toilet and throw the diapers/wipes/soiled covers into the doorknob bag.

Hanging Wet/Dry Bag Every 2-3 days I take a wetbag down to the basement to run a load (cold wash with detergent, hot wash with no additional detergent, cold rinse) and throw the whole wetbag in with the diapers.

After the first wash, I take out and hang the wetbag and my covers on the line and finish my routine and dry the diapers.

I used to use a Diaper Champ diaper pail with an Reusable Pail Liner bag as a liner... the smell was pretty intense as I had to open the whole lid to get toddler AIOs into the Champ.

I was SICK of the smell and SICK of washing out the pail, so the pail-less solution has been fabulous for me!

Thanks to Julie for this Frugal Baby Tip!

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