Easy Hermione Costumes To Wear This Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, and that means anyone planning to participate should be picking out their costumes right about now. Though there are plenty of literary-inspired ideas to choose from, you can never go wrong by dressing up as Hogwarts’s brightest young witch with these Hermione costumes.

The Harry Potter character has remained a favorite for many during all these years (for obvious reasons). So, luckily, there are plenty of options to help you transform into the brilliant heroine. Here are some quick and easy ways to craft the perfect Hermione costumes this year.
Hermione-Themed Outfits
If you want to fully commit to your Hermione persona, your best bet is to go for a full-on Gryffindor-inspired outfit. Luckily, you can find a bunch of options to choose from online.

Looking for a no-fuss costume that doesn’t entail a lot of pieces? It doesn’t get easier than this robe, which comes emblazoned with the house crest and is a uniform for all Gryffindors.

The best part is you need to add almost nothing to this outfit. Just throw it on over a white collared shirt, and you’ll basically be good to go.

You can add some other Gryffindor-colored accessories (more on those below) to get the full effect, but they’re not required. You can find this robe on Amazon for approximately $21, and there are also options in children’s sizes.

Not into the robe look? You can also recreate Hermione’s studious style with this Gryffindor sweater. Again, throw it on over a white shirt and a black skirt or pants, and you’re all set.

You can find a similar sweater for children on Amazon, which also comes with a coordinating tie.

If you really want to show some Gryffindor pride, you can also opt for this maroon and yellow suspender skirt, complete with the house crest. Complete the look with a white shirt (are you sensing a pattern here?) and some knee socks.

Hermione-Themed Accessories:
You don’t need to drop money on a full Hermione costume to dress up like your favorite Muggle-born bookworm this Halloween. As you’ve probably gathered by now, almost all of these outfits center on a few core basics: a white collared shirt, black skirt or pants, and sometimes a grey sweater.

Chances are you already have all of those sitting in your closet. So, all you really need to do to look like Hermione is add a few well-placed accessories.

This maroon and yellow infinity scarf gives off serious Gryffindor vibes, but it’s not an actual costume piece—which means you can wear it again with your everyday clothes.

There are also officially licensed scarves with the Gryffindor crest available on Amazon, if you’d rather get the real thing.

This striped tie, which costs under $7, will also go a long way towards completing your Hermione outfit. Whether you wear it with a white shirt and grey cardigan or under the full-length Gryffindor robe, there’ll be no underestimating your Potter cred once you put this on.



Look like a true Gryffindor by wearing this headband emblazoned with the house crest.

Speaking of the house crest, you don’t need to buy a Gryffindor sweater with the patch already emblazoned on it to get the same look. You can DIY your own crest using one of these free printable emblems.

Simply print out the Gryffindor crest, attach it to foam or some other secure backing, and pin it to your own sweater. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can also put together your own no-sew patch using these felt templates.

Finally, no Hermione outfit would be complete without a wand! You can find several options on Amazon ranging in price from $10 to $29.95 for the illuminated one below.

Or DIY your own wand by embellishing a wooden dowel with a glue gun and then painting over it. You can also wrap a dowel in contact paper textured like wood for a similar effect.

Whichever way you choose to go, you’ll be conjuring up a truly magical Halloween before you know it!
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