Gift Guide: Bride-to-Be

As a recent bride to be, I wanted to post about some of my favorite things from the past year I either bought for myself or was a gift for the wedding! We all know someone who is either engaged or soon to be and this guide is for them! BUT a lot of these things you can get for yourself too, bride or not!

I know they may be overdone to some, but I still love and wear these sunglasses from my bachelorette! They are the perfect extra gift to add to a gift bag or stocking stuffer. They are super fun to wear and are so cheap!

Hairpins and clips are all the rage right now. Some of them are a little too much for my liking but I think this one is nicely done and a fun way to make it personal. You can do an initial for their last name, you can get a few and spell something out -- the options are endless!

These are so much fun to get and the perfect "little something" to celebrate. They have them for all occassions but this one is tailored to brides. I got into mine a couple times over the course of the wedding week!

One of my favorite gifts to get friends who just got engaged are these velvet ring boxes. I usually get them a Mrs. Box but when I was putting this together I realized that it's pretty pricey. SO I found similar ones for a LOT cheaper on Etsy (the best) and I really liked this shop.

If you remember, I gifted these bags to the girls at the bachelorette and they were a HUGE hit. You can get it personalized with anything you want and there is a wide choice of color options too. These are great for just about anyone, bride or not! I'm taking my white "Krista" one on my honeymoon with me!

Every bride-to-be needs her beauty sleep! I love how classic this eye mask looks and it's just a cutesy little mask to give to a soon to be bride!
Hanky Panky is the best underwear ever so it just makes sense that you'd gift a pair of these! Maybe a great option for the bachelorette/lingerie gifts!

Ah I LOVE this necklace and it was so special and fun to wear at the wedding! I had it made with Andrews's last name (which replaced my monogram for the night). These are so in right now, you can see why. They are the cutest!!!

I also wore this for my second look the night of the wedding. They are great large pearl statement earrings to wear for a wedding and beyond! They also stayed in all night without any pain -- Lisi Lerch earrings are the best ever.

This is a great trendy gift for the girly girls (bride or not). I personally love pearl everything so I felt like I had to include it. The purse will go with her look and if you're looking to spice it up in the pearl necklace category, look no further than a few spots below!!

I. live. in. robes. I'm a big fan of robes and if we could wear robes all the time always, I'm in! Everyone needs at least one and this is a good place to start. It's subtle enough that you can wear it for the wedding and after without worry. You will always be a Mrs!

I know I included Birdies already in a gift guide but they are so goodyou should also have a pair for your wedding. They are the perfect getting ready shoe for you or your girls day of!

If we're doing the Mrs. thing, we might as well go all out -- you know? A nice set of PJs is what everyone should have in their drawers. A great option to get ready in as well!

It me! This is one of my favorite things from the wedding that I wore and it's something I will love and have forever! Just a simple Mrs __ in blue against a soft white cashmere sweater. She can embroider anything so if you're looking for a branded shirt for your weekend, look no further!

It also me! This was a gift from Beth and I adore this bag. Again, a soft spot for pearls but it's just made so nicely, holds a good amount of things, and is personalized!! We created the idea together and I was like, I want a lot of pearls and a last name what can we do? And she came back with this. It has a long strap so you can wear it as well but I'm all about this being my fancy clutch!