Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

I hope these gift ideas for 6 year old girls is helpful to you! As you can tell in the descriptions, it’s a blend of items we own and love and items we are looking to purchase for gifts ourselves. And while gifts certainly do not make or break this special time of year, it sure is fun to see a child light up with joy at a great gift. Happy holidays, my friend!

six year old girl gifts

1 Cozy Robe | 2 The Circus Ship | 3 Personalized Picture Locket | 4 Fairy Potions Kit | 5 Glow and Grow Terrarium | 6 Cardboard Fortress | 7 Ukulele With Case | 8 Sticky Mosaics | 9 Lego Princess Castle | 10  My First Digital Camera | 11 WOOM Bike | 12 Gel-Based Ant Farm | 13 Spy Alley Junior | 14 Walkie Talkie Set of Three | 15 King and Kayla Series | 16 Mercy Watson Series | 17 The Princess in Black Series | 18 Ada Twist Scientist


1 Cozy Robe | Even with long johns, it’s helpful to have a cute, fuzzy warm robe to throw on to come down to breakfast on a cold morning. Kaitlyn has one and often ends up wearing it all day long when we’re in the house and it keeps me from having to crank the heat up to unnecessary levels!

2 The Circus Ship | If you aren’t familiar with Chris Van Dusen, let this book be your introduction! This is one of our most favorite picture books. It rhymes, has a cute story, and both girls love searching for the hidden animals at the end.

3 Personalized Picture Locket | This Etsy shop puts your uploaded photos into the locket, which is just incredible!

4 Fairy Potions Kit | This has been purchased and I have no doubt Kaitlyn is going to freak out over it. My kids love creating their own potions from nature or from kitchen ingredients, so when supplied with tiny bottles and fairy-like ingredients, I know they will be head over heels.

5 Glow and Grow Terrarium | Another item I can personally vouch for, this terrarium is a win/win; it first is a fun craft to put together and decorate, then remains to be a hit for the next few weeks as the kids rush to it each morning to see how much it has grown. This gives a lot of bang for its buck!

6 Cardboard Fortress | So both my girls really want a cardboard playhouse because they have such fond memories of the ones they had when they were three. And I get it, there are so cool, but made for younger kids, so I searched around and think this will be a great compromise. 

7 Ukulele With Case | Better quality than guitar toys, this ukulele is the perfect size for young kids to hold and play music on. The case is a nice add on to keep it protected.

8 Sticky Mosaics | My favorite kind of craft kit because it keeps the child busy for a long time pulling and sticking stickers, it creates a beautiful mosaic in the end, and there is no mess!

9 Lego Princess Castle | Having completed Hagrid’s Hut and the Whomping Willow, I can vouch that my girls not only enjoy putting these together, but then they will play with the characters in the settings for long amounts of time! 

10  My First Digital Camera | I don’t think Kaitlyn is ready to regulate herself with self-printing cameras (she’d fly through the paper!), so this durable digital camera that is perfectly sized for her smaller hands is a perfect fit for this age.

11 WOOM Bike | We love our WOOM bikes because they are so lightweight while still being incredibly durable. They gears and hand breaks are smooth and easy to operate for little hands.

12 Gel-Based Ant Farm | Things to know before gifting this: you want a gel-based ant farm because it eliminates the need to feed the ants and it’s really easy to see they activity! However, the kit comes with a certificate for ants, not the ants themselves, so be prepared to gift the farm, then order the ants. We’ve done this before and it was a huge hit, but just be aware for timing purposes that you have to order the ants separately.

13 Spy Alley Junior | If your kids are into spies or detectives, this is a fun and easy to play game for young kids. While I’m more interested in trying the Spy Alley full version, Kaitlyn adores this simple to play kids version. Also check out: Best Math Games for Grades K-2.

14 Walkie Talkie Set of Three | I always recommend this set because it’s been a big hit for us for years. Having three walkie talkies really helps to include friends and cousins, the signal strength is strong, and the walkie talkies are very durable. I highly recommend!

15 King and Kayla Series | This sweet beginner chapter book series follows along the stories of a girl and her dog as they solve mysteries and make the reader laugh out loud.

16 Mercy Watson Series | Mercy Watson is a cheerful and adventurous pig that captures the hearts of kids through her antics and adventures. The illustrations in this series are incredibly fun and engaging, helping to make it an excellent choice for early chapter books.

17 The Princess in Black Series | Adventure, secret identities, and monsters (not scary) make this series and fun read for both boys and girls. These have been a favorite in our home for years.

18 Ada Twist Scientist | Ada’s head is full of questions and in this sweet, long rhyme story she thinks her way through problems and experiments gone wrong. It’s a fun book to read and has a great message for kids, like the counterparts, Rosie Revere EngineerIggy Peck Architect, and  Sofia Valdez, Future Prez.