Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Girls

I hope these gift ideas for 9 year old girls is helpful to you! As you can tell in the descriptions, it’s a blend of items we own and love and items we are looking to purchase for gifts ourselves. And while gifts certainly do not make or break this special time of year, it sure is fun to see a child light up with joy at a great gift. Happy holidays, my friend!

nine year old girl gift guide

1 Flying UFO Drone | 2 Green Kid Science and Art Subscription | 3 Spider Web Tree Swing | 4 Glow and Grow Terrarium | 5 Cozy Robe | 6 Karaoke Machine | 7 Harry Potter Lego Castle | 8 Personalized Diary | 9 Woodland Creatures Learn to Sew Kit | 10 WOOM Bike | 11 Designed By You Fashion Studio | 12 Settlers of Catan | 13 Harry Potter Illustrated Editions | 14 Polaroid Snap Camera | 15 Tamagotchi Pet | 16 Whatever After Series | 17 GoldieBlox STEM DIY Glowing Unicorn Pillow


1 Flying UFO Drone | I believe every child needs one of those rip-it-open-and-play-with-it-right-now kind of gifts and this one is sure to be a hit! This kid-safe UFO flies on its own and reacts to your motion. Based on the reviews, this is sure to be a hit for ages 3 and up!

2 Green Kid Science and Art Subscription | This unique subscription box delivers creative, nature-based STEAM activities for kids. It’s like a science and art lesson wrapped up with a craft, all in one box. 

3 Spider Web Tree Swing | We’ve had this swing for two years and it is still a huge hit! David strung it between two trees and it’s the first thing the kids run for when they have friends over. It is strong and sturdy, having held 6 kids at once, and a ton of fun for adults and kids alike.

4 Glow and Grow Terrarium | Another item I can personally vouch for, this terrarium is a win/win; it first is a fun craft to put together and decorate, then remains to be a hit for the next few weeks as the kids rush to it each morning to see how much it has grown. This gives a lot of bang for its buck!

5 Cozy Robe | Even with long johns, it’s helpful to have a cute, fuzzy warm robe to throw on to come down to breakfast on a cold morning. Kaitlyn has one and often ends up wearing it all day long when we’re in the house and it keeps me from having to crank the heat up to unnecessary levels!

6 Karaoke Machine | Endless fun, but does not come with earplugs, so you’ll have to get those on your own- wink. In all seriousness, this is such a fun toy to have. It has two microphone jacks (important for two kids, so snag an extra microphone), and plays the lyrics on its own screen which makes it super user friendly for kids!

7 Harry Potter Lego Castle | Having completed Hagrid’s Hut and the Whomping Willow, I can vouch that Hailey not only enjoys putting these together, but then she and Kaitlyn will play with the characters in the settings for long amounts of time! These Harry Potter sets have incredible detail and tiny props, which makes the fun stretch on beyond the building.

8 Personalized Diary | My kids love notebooks and having a personalized one really takes it to the next level. This adorable journal is unlined, and a perfect spot for them to write out thoughts or doodle.

9 Woodland Creatures Learn to Sew Kit | This is a wonderful beginner’s sewing kit for kids that like to craft on their own. Hailey received this and was able to do it all solo, which is a nice feature of a craft kit. She loved sewing the little animals together, stuffing them, and gifting them. Highly recommend.

10 WOOM Bike | We love our WOOM bikes because they are so lightweight while still being incredibly durable. They gears and hand breaks are smooth and easy to operate for little hands.

11 Designed By You Fashion Studio | I was surprised at how much Hailey liked this kit, but she did. It really inspired her to put together different styles, sketch them out in her own notebooks, and bring them to life. I wouldn’t have picked this on my own, but she liked it so much I had to include it.

12 Settlers of Catan | This is my top recommended family game because the whole family will enjoy it! It says ages 10+ but after the initial learning curve, it’s so fun and addicting. Hailey asks to play daily and is pretty darn good at it too!

13 Harry Potter Illustrated Editions | I know ereaders are all the rage, but these collectible illustrated Harry Potter books are worth buying the real thing. It’s the full text, unabridged, but includes beautiful illustrations every few pages to keep young readers further engaged. We enjoyed these so much and can’t wait until they come out with the fifth book in this version.

14 Polaroid Snap Camera | This snap and print camera has zero ink printing technology meaning the child can snap and print their picture off immediately with no smudging! It’s a great introductory camera for kids because the film isn’t all that expensive and they get an instant photo to hang up or give to a friend.

15 Tamagotchi Pet | It’s back, y’all. The tiny electronic pets we all loved in middle school! The girls keep asking for pets, so getting these for Christmas will give them a huge kick, I have no doubt.

16 Whatever After Series | This is the series that we just can’t quit, as the girls have listened to all the books on audio through about three times. It’s the stories about 10 year old Abby and her 7 year old brother, Jonah, that get sucked into different fairytales through the magic mirror in their basement. The stories are full of adventure as they accidentally mess up the fairy tales and have to fix them with new and creative endings.

17 GoldieBlox STEM DIY Glowing Unicorn Pillow | A craft project that also teaches about circuit functions and the power of LED lights, this GoldieBlox kit is not only fun, but leaves the child with a keepsake- a cute, glowing unicorn pillow!