Gifts for People who are Always Cold

Are you like me, always cold no matter what? Take a peek at this gift guide filled with fabulous ideas to help you warm up this winter.

Gifts for people who are always cold? Does that sound like a small category? Perhaps, but I know you're out there! I'm one of you. My family teases me year-round about how I'm always wearing more clothes than them and still complaining about being cold. My friends who are slightly older than me tell me to hang in there, that soon I'll be in a constant state of hot flashes and then I'll have the opposite problem.

One Christmas a few years ago, every single gift. from my family was one of the items below. And I loved every single one of them! They're helpful and cozy, of course, but it was the first time that they all really thought about what would be a great gift. And so I give you Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold.

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Perfect gifts for those who are always cold

Plush blanket - gifts for people who are always cold

Regular throw

Start with the obvious. If you are cold, the first thing you'll grab is a cozy throw blanket. I keep one on the couch for family cuddles. Then it's also handy for my lap when I'm working at my desk or the dining room table.

My girls and I travel with throw blankets as well. It can be cold on an airplane, so that's helpful. And they're great for napping on road trips!

Electric blanket and/or throw

We have a king-sized bed, and my husband never uses a comforterorquilt. I fold my electric blanket in half and sleep inside it like a sleeping bag. It keeps me cozy all night while he's over there in boxers like it's the middle of July. Weirdo.

Wool socks - perfect gift for someone who is always cold

Wool socks

We have bought wool socks every year, two different kinds. I like thick, heavy socks for hanging around the house. But then thinner socks work better to wear with boots and shoes.

Fleece Robe

Mornings are extra cold around here (at least for me). There's no reason to heat the whole house when I'm the only one who's cold. It feels so cozy to wrap up in a thick plush robe when you get out of the shower.

Awesome mug and the habit of tea

I started drinking green tea over a year ago, and it truly warms me. Find a gorgeous mug and enjoy some favorite flavors of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Fabulous Sweater or Sweatshirt

because you can't wear your robe in the middle of the day. It's embarrassing to open the door and look like you're wearing pajamas.

Find a sweatshirt with your favorite character or a funny saying. Or choose a soft cardigan that will become your new fave. One of mine is this longline open front cardigan (I have it in burgundy!).


I've tried so many versions of long underwear over the years, but Cuddl Duds are so thin (yet warm) that you can add an extra layer under just about anything. Love them!

Are you in my party of People Who Are Always Cold? Tell your family to check out this list!

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