Goku Spa: A Massage For The City That Never Falls Asleep

I wrote about the newGoku Spa,on 18 W 38th St., 2nd floor because they are doing something that no spa in New York has ever done: allow their customers to pay what they want for their Gokus Ultimate Sleep massage. This amazing treatment is normally $150, but until March 15th it is pay what you want, so of course I had to book an appointment.

Heading to the spa, the door on the street is nondescript and to get there you walk up a long flight of stairs, but trust me it is worth the climb. You are greeted by Atsumi Kaneda, founder of Goku and are treated like royalty. You are given bottle of water along with a piece of chocolate. Black reflective walls and floors with geometric patterns calm your brain waves and simulate a dreamscape. You watch a movie on time continuum, as you wait for you appointment.

You are then led to your own calming cubicle, given a robe, sat in one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever been in and given a soft blanket. My massage therapist Chihiro, looked like a Japanese doll, as she bowed to me and explained a little bit about the treatment. Your chair goes back, as your face is covered with clean, crisp linens, and then the twenty-one types of strokes began with deft fingers and pressure to key points. Attention was paid to my scalp, facia, ears and muscles of the skull. Comforting at times, there was a slight pressure that had me saying no pain no gain and then I heard myself snoring.

I have serious sleep problems and my brain never shuts off. When I heard that sound, I was surprised because this sleep therapy works. It seems while releasing tension in the muscles around the head and eye area you really do fall asleep. The therapists hands are comforting as they move slowly and make you feel embraced in a cocoon of touch. While my brain was still chatting away, I remember thinking this is perfect for those people who own a company and need the pressure taken off of them. As you wake up you feel as if you have been released from the weight of the world. Your shoulders have a lightness to them, your whole body feels youthful and airy.

Once dressed, youre escorted upstairs and given a soothing tea and matcha cookie. There is a make-up table with hair supplies to walk out looking your best. When I looked in the mirror, I looked younger. Could this be the fountain of youth?

Right now this service is pay what you want for this 60-minute session, then it goes back to its original price. Is it worth it . absolutely! If I won the lottery I would be here everyday. This is my idea of nirvana.

To book this amazing treatment you can go to Goku Spa, or call (929) 336-3088. I definitely will be back.