Happy Holidays

I hope your Christmas was as fabulous as mine was.  Lots of family time, which is just the best.  My cousin Dennis from Michigan was visiting his brother Paul, and it was just lovely to sit and visit with someone who I grew up with and don't see very often.  He is an international pilot and has such an interesting life.  We had a small family gathering Christmas morning, then headed to the Bay Area for my larger family's Christmas Extravaganza.  It is wonderful, but is complete chaos.  Those of you with large families can relate, I am sure.  It was pure pandemonium.  My husband, Eva and I stayed over at a motel, while Ahren stayed at my father's house with Ozzie.  Ozzie was pretty overwhelmed by the entire proceedings.  He is getting older for sure.

Today Eva and I headed home, while my husband and son went down to the Monterey Bay area to see some sights.  After dropping Eva off at her daddy's I tackled the piles of gift bags, ribbon and discarded boxes.  After sorting those out for the most part, I swept floors and made a big pot of soup.  Truth be told, I am pretty pooped out about now, and am looking forward to at least three days of doing nothing!

My favorite presents were from my husband (new bathrobe and slippers), my daughter (an entire box of beauty products) and my son (a new Staub pie plate and a gift certificate to Fatquartershop!!!  They know me so well.  I am off to put on my robe and slippers and sit in a comfy chair for awhile!  Maybe for the next three days.