High fashion and kimono: Kyoto’s Wazigen Shizukuya ushers in new kimono couture for Spring 2021

Swagger through town with the latest from this premier kimono brand.

Kyoto-based Wazigen Shizukuya has wowed its fans and fashionistas alike with their striking, stylish renditions on Japan’s most revered and best-known clothing item: the kimono. Whether it’s winter or summer, the brand presents novel, eye-catching takes on the traditional Japanese garment and the Spring 2021 lineup is no exception with a plethora of new robes and accessories.

As spring is a season which allows respite between relentless cold and harsh heat, the offered kosodes (sleeved robe) are softer in hue and pattern. The flagship kodose for Spring 2021 is this one below with sleeves of alternating pastel-adjacent colors, and a perfect blend of the traditional and the contemporary. Contrasting the sleeves is an impressionable scene drawn along the hakama’s (pleated pant) hem and waist: an ocean and its reflection upon a yellow sky.

▼ The kosode are made from either polyester or cotton; both are breathable and lightweight materials perfect for spring.

Of course, Wazigen Shizukuya is famous for drawing inspiration from samurai gear and motifs, and this specialized robe emblazoned with a mon (clan emblem) on its upper back is a must for fans of Japan’s medieval warriors. This embroidered mon is specifically a swallowtail butterfly, and is primarily associated with the Taira clan. The Taira clan were one of the most important families in medieval Japan and their downfall is depicted in detail in the war epic The Tale of the Heike. Fans of war chronicles or of samurai in general would no doubt enjoy the historical nuance displayed on this kimono which is stylish but not overbearing at the same time.

For folks who want something more bold in design for their hakama, they don’t need to look too far as the Spring 2021 lineup has one made entirely out of real leather. With one cowhide per hakama and accompanied by pleats with carmine undersides, there’s a rough and wild atmosphere to this specific item, and we’re certain its wearer will make an impact regardless of the occasion.

▼ And unsurprisingly, this hakama is available for a whooping 528,000 yen (US$4,860).

If you’ve already assembled your hakama outfit for the season but want outerwear for the chillier nights, there’s also an assortment of hasode (outer wrap) and parkas to choose from. One hasode featured in the lineup is this black one made of wool with striped, translucent accents. Its dark color is easy to complement no matter what type of kosode or hakama you possess.

In terms of parkas offered, there is a hooded and non-hooded one. The hooded parka belies a spiritual, perhaps bohemian vibe, dyed in indigo and paired with red lines. The non-hooded parka, on the other hand, is styled with the stately label of a jin-boari, which was a special haori high-ranking samurai wore over their armor. Polyester is the main material for the hooded parka, and while the non-hooded park has a polyester lining, its shell is a blend of down and silk.

With such versatility in style and material, the Spring 2021 lineup of Wazigen Shizukuya kimono is exciting and pursues the many potentials of kimono couture. Given the beautiful designs and labor involved, price ranges for the kosode can range between 55,000 yen and 77,000 yen while the majority of hakama are priced between 44,000 and 55,000 yen. Outwear robes such as hasode and hooded robes will be between 52,800 yen and 66,000 yen. Folks can purchase robes, hakama, and outerwear from the Wazigen Shizukuya website here while supplies last.

Source: Wazigen Shizukuya via Japaaan
Images: Wazigen Shizukuya
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