Holiday Prep Supplies

Are you already decked out for the holidays? We’re not yet, but this is the week where I’ll gather my supplies. I start by assessing my ribbon and wrapping and gift box stash, and filling in any gaps. (I stock up now for the whole year because prices are best this time of year.)

As for decor, we’ve been gathering it over 25 years of marriage, so in general, we have plenty. But I do notice that every year when we unpack the storage boxes, there’s an item or two that’s beyond repair or looking too shabby and needs to be replaced. So I like window shopping the holiday decor displays so that I know what’s out there (in case I need to pick something up).

Here are some of my very favorite sources for holiday prep:

Grosgrain Ribbon, 100 yards for $4
This is one of my very favorite products — it’s a bargain and it comes in so many options that you can order exactly what you want. It comes in 67 colors, 7 different widths, it’s double-sided, and it’s available in 100 yards or 50 yards. Every few years, I order a variety of sizes and colors and use them in a million ways. The 1.5″ version is especially good for hanging in the garden or making banners.

Double-Faced Satin Ribbon, 50 yards for $5.50
Another favorite ribbon is the double-sided satin ribbon. It comes in even more colors than the grosgrain ribbon. I have a roll of the 7/8″ ribbon in Old Willow and it makes every gift seem luxe. (Remember: choose the double-faced, not the single faced).

Slope Ribbon, 50 yards for $3
This is such a bargain and will last you for ages. It comes in tons of different colors, but I especially love it in red because it feels like a candy cane. It reminds me of the baker’s twine that was so popular, but it’s a little bit wider, has a satin-finish, and I find it much easier to work with.

Basic White Gift Boxes, $3
I like to have a stash of these plain white boxes on hand, and then use them for whatever . Wrapping is so much easier when everything has an appropriate box. I like to stock up during the holidays in Target’s holiday department. They offer sets in different sizes: robe, shirt, blouse, slipper, gift — or a mixed set (don’t let the clothing labels distress you — you can use the boxes for whatever you like). These collapse and store and we reuse them through the year for birthdays. (Target also carries some really terrific patterned boxes too — check out these red gingham cuties.)

Wrapping Tissue, $3
I stock up on the basic white to use all year, but they have so many pretty colorful/print options too!

Solid Color Gift Boxes, .19 cents each
If you’d prefer to skip the wrapping, you can also use solid colored boxes and then add ribbon. Pick a color that works with your decor — these you have to buy in bulk (25 at a time, so you may want to share an order with friends or siblings). There are tuck-top boxes in different sizes, two-piece boxes where you can choose different colors for bases and lids, or explore all the gift box options to find what works for you.

Holiday Wrapping Paper, 100 feet for $32
I like to buy one bulk roll like this that I can use over a couple of holidays, and then buy smaller rolls that complement it from other sources (like Target or Crate & Barrel — for comparison, smaller rolls usually come in 10 feet). There are tons of different designs — basics like polka dots and stripes, and more elaborate patterns too. This year, I’m eyeing the plaid options — my favorites are Highland Plaid, Lindsey Plaid, and Buffalo Plaid. I also like some of the geometric options, like Holiday Harlequin.

Tape, $5 for 600 feet
When you’re ordering paper, boxes, and tissue, don’t forget the tape! You don’t want to run out late at night on Christmas Eve (been there, done that).

This post is focused on gift supplies, but while I’m here, there are a few other bits and pieces of decor that I can happily recommend as well.

Jingle Bells Garland, $20
I saw this in-store several years ago and it is so charming I couldn’t resist it. If you can put it somewhere that it gets bumped or moved, it gives a lovely little jingle as well.

Check out the other pretty garlands as well.

Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree, $68 for the 4.5 ft version
It comes in four different heights. If you have very young kids, I would recommend using the 4.5 feet option and putting it on a small table (or some heavy, stable boxes) so that the bottom branches are out of reach of little hands. Since it’s on a table, it will still have a big visual presence in the room, even though it’s a smaller tree. If you need to cover the tree base plus the table/boxes, you can use a tablecloth or piece of fabric instead of a tree skirt.

Ornaments by Crate & Barrel, prices vary
There are lots of stores where I can find one or two really lovely ornaments, but I seem to love every ornament Crate & Barrel comes up with. They have a ton — but don’t be intimidated to look through their offerings. They have it organized in really good ways, with categories like ornament sets, red & green ornaments, white & wood ornaments, animal ornaments, and more. Even if you’re not in the market for new ornaments, I highly recommend you go browse their offerings — it’s a feast for the eyes.

Fresh Garland, starting at $14 for 20 feet
If you’d like to add some fresh garland on the mantle or banister, try Lowe’s. They have 7 options, in 15, 20, or 25 foot lengths.

Unusual (And Really Special) Wreaths and Garlands, prices vary
If you’re looking for something really special, try Terrain. They have a huge selection of fresh and faux (and in between) wreaths and garlands. Some items are pricey, but others seem reasonable. The Aged Iron Leaf Garland (pictured) is $34.

They also offer wreath stands, which I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else. What a pretty option when hanging a wreath doesn’t work.

Advent Calendars at World Market, prices vary
They have 28(!) options this year. Something for every interest — tiny preserves, puzzles, wine, organic tea, and on and on. And now’s the time to buy because they’ve got an early Black Friday sale that ends Wednesday (20% off almost everything, and extra 15% off for curbside pickup).

Your turn. What are your favorite sources for holiday supplies? Do you have a particular holiday style or color scheme you favor? Metallics? Rustic? Traditional? I’d love to hear.

P.S. — Artisanal Kitchen Supply, 6 Piece Roaster Set, $40 (20% off!)
I know, I know. It’s not holiday decor, but it sure comes in handy for holiday cooking, and this is a great price for the set.

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