I ended up loving this week so much.

Even though at the beginning of the week, it definitely felt like the hardest so far.

Max kicked it off with some school at home.

AND GUYS! My sourdough starter is finally rising! Today is day 15 so it’s nice to see some action – still haven’t baked with it yet.

I spent most of the week with my head down finishing my next book! It’s DONE! Turned it in last week and feels amazing.

Our playdough from a few weeks ago is still going strong.

The best part of this past week was when I discovered that I could make sourdough crackers with the starter discard. OMG. I think I’ve made four batches now. We are obsessed.

Still noticing blooms so much more than I usually do.

Max is obsessed with art and once a day (at least) declares it art time. He put this together with the top of a shoebox he found in our room.

Tried the dalgona coffee again, this time with espresso powder. It was a little better.

We dyed eggs, which is one of my favorite days of April!

We did a few with the cool whip method too.


This was the base of something extra delicious.

On Friday, we got fish from DiAnoias. It was unreal.

And they have cookies too, omg.

Morning snuggles in our bed.

We did a little egg hunt and the kids had SO much fun. They made Eddie hide the eggs three different times.

It was such a blast.

The cutest part was how Max would find eggs and give them to Emilia. Heart explosion.

I just want to eat them up.

I can’t make sourdough yet but I sure as heck bought some.

Then made something extra delicious to spread on top. Recipe is in the new book!

We made easter sugar cookies – this is another one of Max’s favorite things to do around any holiday.


I just cannot take how much she loves accessories!

We still got dressed up for Easter. P.S. do you spy her robe back there on the steps? She still loves it.

Please note the jewels! She wanted to wear Max’s camo boots but they were outside.


I just cannot handle them.

Especially because she loves him so much.

We took a little Easter drive.

And I grilled stuff for dinner!

Ribs, veggies, the sourdough bread… and my mom made potatoes. We did a quick swap of food and I gave everyone ribs.

Everything was so good. Even though I hated that we couldn’t eat together.

Max on some new wheels.

Annnnd all the cookies. So many cookies this weekend. Ooomph.

It was an odd holiday but we made the most out of it. How was your weekend?! xo

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