I get it: mornings are tough

If you’re anything like me, you vow the night before to wake up at a decent time so you can fit in meditation, a workout, or even some peace and quiet. You have every good intention to give yourself the gift of a 10-step skincare routine while diffusing essential oils and sipping on warm lemon water. But then your alarm goes off, and you hit snooze approximately three times before finally willing yourself out of bed (the most toxic relationship in my life is the one I have with my alarm clock). Or maybe you can only bear to open your eyes and scroll through TikTok.

You rush through getting ready, forget to brush your hair, and heat up a frozen breakfast burrito instead of DIYing the superfood oatmeal you had planned (on a good day… the bad days might mean you skip breakfast entirely). Your mornings look more like a race against the clock or a stressful game show than the relaxing self-care rituals you had in mind. 

Yes, mornings are crazy, and we’re often busy, stressed out, or just plain exhausted (when is Friday, again??). A stress-free morning doesn’t always seem possible. But while a morning routine is often the first thing to go when life feels overwhelming, it should be a non-negotiable, even more so when we get busy, stressed out, or exhausted. Think about it: on those days where we’re so tired we hit snooze seven times, or when our to-do lists for the day are so long we feel like we have to get to it right away, you need self-care even more than you do on normal days. Burnout is real, and a calm morning routine is a necessity, not a luxury.



To help you prioritize self-care and make time for healthy, nourishing, and stress-relieving mornings, we partnered with Vega, our go-to brand for plant-based smoothies. Their new line of functional wellness smoothies, Hello Wellness, is the hero product in our routines because you don’t even need to pull out a blender or remember all your vitamins and supplements. These delicious powders pack vitamins, nutrients, or probiotics for a variety of health goals, and you can shake them in a blender bottle with water or your milk of choice instead of pulling out the blender and throwing in a variety of ingredients. You’ll have a delicious, satisfying, and nourishing breakfast in under 30 seconds, so you’ll have even more time to diffuse essential oils or meditate.



With Vega, we pulled together all of our most luxurious, easy, and necessary must-haves for an ideal morning routine, so you no longer have to think about choosing between skincare and breakfast or brewing a cup of coffee and meditation; you’ll have the time and ability to do it all. Trust me: these products are so good, you won’t even want to hit snooze. The key is a morning routine that you’re excited to get out of bed for, and these items will get you there.

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Prize includes: Vega Hello Wellness Smoothies, Parachute Robe, The Five Minute Journal, Uplift Vitruvi Essential Oil Kit, Peace Out Under Eye Masks, Summer Fridays Moisturizer, Glass Tumbler, Girlfriend Workout Set, Black Girl Sunscreen, and Native Deodorant

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