I say it every year, but this might be my favorite year of the kid’s gift guide yet! Now that I have a newly 3 year old and an almost 6 year old, I feel confident in what my kids LOVE and enjoy playing with the most

This list hasn’t changed a lot this year – in fact, many things stay on it as Emilia moves into playing with some of Max’s things. One thing I left off the list because it’s so extensive: LEGOS! Max is absolutely obsessed with Legos right now and builds constantly.

You can see some of our other favorites here: preschool faves, toddler faves, children’s books, and more! I’d love to hear below what you would include on this list too!

2020 Kids’s Gift Guide

Magnatiles. This has been one of the best toys we’ve had – as long as we’ve had kids. Max still loves playing with these at 6 years old and Emilia loves them too. They build together and play separately.

Straw Constructor Set. This quaratine find has been gold. This keeps the kids entertained for house. And while it can kind of be a mess when playing, it packs up nicely into this box.

Aquabeads. Max really got into aquabeads this year. Emilia is too young to do these on her own, but we love doing this as a family, or Max does them on his own. They are really fun.

Melissa and Doug One Stop Shop. Another item that we bought years ago for Christmas – both kids still love this. There is tons of imaginary play that goes on in our toy room, and this shop is a huge part of it.

Melissa and Doug Pizza Counter. We also have tons of play food, but the pizza set is definitely a favorite!

LCD Writing Tablets. I love these writing tablets for the kids. They are incredible for travel, but since no one is doing that right now, the kids spend some time on them in the afternoons too. They love to draw things and then have us guess what they are.

Jumbo Coloring Pads. These coloring pads are another huge win. We do a ton of art and these are fantastic. One of these sheets per kid gives us 30ish minutes of entertainment, at least. They use crayons, markers or paint with these.

Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Truck. Emilia got this gift last year for her birthday and it’s been a favorite this year. Both kids push this around and make their own ice cream truck. It is super fun.

Construction Plate and Utensils. We love these plates! Max is a little too old for them now and Emilia is slowly getting over them (especially the utensils), but these are SO fun for young eaters that I had to include them again. We loved these.

Connect 4. We’ve entered the years of playing games now with Max and connect 4 is definitely his favorite.

Hanna Andersson Pajamas. I’ve raved about these PJs for years. The quality is incredible. I also exclusively buy Hanna pajamas! They are a wonderful gift.

Kid’s Sorel Boots. If you live in a cold/snowy climate, I can’t recommend the kid’s sorel boots enough. They are SO warm. I can get two seasons out of them with Max, and then I save them for Emilia as she grows into them. The quality is so good.

Mini Melissa Mary Janes. On the same shoe note, Emilia lives in mini Melissas! These are the shoes she has worn for about two years now. They smell like candy (really), are great for play or cute to wear with something nice. We love these.

Hungry Hungry Hippos. Max is also very into hungry hungry hippos! This is a fun one because Emilia can easily play too.

Car Road Tape. This is a repeat from last year because it’s a life saver. On a rough day, I pull this tape out and place it all over the house. The kids instantly have a road/race track/etc and LOVE it.

Zara Basic Puffer. For years I have been a lover of Patagonia sweater coats for my kids. They last two seasons and I can pass Max’s down. However! This Zara puffer is incredible – so warm, so cute and an amazing price. Emilia had one last year, and this year I got Max one too! There is a pink version is here.

Kid’s Whale Slippers. I got these for the kids to match – they LOVE matching. Fun slippers are always a good choice.

My Big Wilmmelbooks. We love books in this house, but these are the ones my kids can get stuck in for a good while. It’s almost like a where’s waldo, but with scenes. We have every version, we always travel with them on road trips and they are really fun!

1000 Things to Eat. Another book we LOVE is this 100 Things to Eat. We have all the versions of this too. Max especially loves this one right now.

Jump Rocket Launcher. We got this over the summer and oh my, it gives you tons of entertainment. It’s definitely an outdoor toy, and it’s so light and easy that you can take it anywhere.

Dominoes. We fell in love with dominoes this year too. Max will meticulously set them up only for Emilia to knock one down. I swear it’s super fun.

Fleece Robe. Every other year I love to do robes for the kids on Christmas too. Robes and slippers for life!

Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzle Set. We’ve got a ton of use out of these puzzles – my mom also has multiple versions at her house and the kids love them. Emilia is really into them, but Max still enjoys them now too!

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me or gifted by friends/family! There are a few general affiliate links above. Thank you for reading! xo]

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