Last minute gift ideas

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Its the final week for holiday shopping and I am doing everything to get my shopping list sorted out. Anyone else out there feel me? Its not like I dont have 3402 other things I need to wrap up before the end of the year. Like getting my 2020 planner situation handled and shipping out some jewels before Christmas. I am feeling super grateful for Amazon right now because I need things shipped to me asap. So, here is a list of a few things I have ordered for those on my list that I need a last minute gift for.

The most comfortable plush robe. I am a big believer in robe life, I wear mine all the time. In the colder months, there is nothing more fabulous than waking up on holiday break mornings, putting on the cozy robe and getting coffee while sitting around the tree and enjoying family. This robe will gift that bliss to anyone.

A chic python hoop keychain. Any girl knows just how important finding your keys quickly are. I love this super trendy keychain that can fit around your wrist or on any hook. It also keeps your keys from disappearing in your bag.

Faux fur cozy house slippers. What person wouldnt enjoy a pair of cozy slippers for these winter months. I have like three pair of them. I have some for outside, inside and travel. These are a must.

A pair of silk pillowcases. This is something everybody wants but nobody buys for themselves. Give the gift of healthy skin with less wrinkles from sleep.

David Yurman inspired spike bracelet. Amazon has such stylish jewelry that is totally affordable for a quick holiday stocking stuffer. This one is totally my pick.

Pretty pink ionic facial steamer. I cannot tell you how amazing facial steamers are. They are good for when you are sick or when you are doing at home beauty treatments.

Louis Vuitton coffee table book. This book is absolutely gorgeous and makes for a very chic piece of decor. Books are always like a double whammy of a gift, it always keeps on giving.

A gorgeous blown glass oil diffuser. I am a huge essential oil person. Candles are fabulous but sometimes you want your home to smell fresh and not off put people who have sensitive noses. Plus, aromatherapy is fabulous for your home. This is a gorgeous one and you can use this oil set to get your loved one started.

A set of electric salt and pepper grinders. There is not one person on the planet who spends any amount of time in the kitchen who would not enjoy this gift. Anything to make my life easier in the kitchen is good for me.

Echo Show. So this little guy is pretty cool. You can check the weather, look up song lyrics, watch movies and check on other rooms in the house. This is like a sweet little personal helper anyone would enjoy.

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