Let’s face it— life is hard

There are a lot of moments that make us feel like we’re at our lowest, only to be surprised yet again when things manage to get even worse. (You know the feeling. It sucks.)  But this isn’t to discount all the lovely times you’ve experienced, the bursts of sheer joy that keep us going, because those mean everything. Sometimes, however, you just need a few seemingly mundane items to make your difficult life a little bit easier. Here are five of those items you can add to your kitchen or bathroom.


1. Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers do a lot more than we give them credit for. In the kitchen, they help us prevent cross contamination since we’re no longer forced to hold the soap bottle with both hands. In both the kitchen and bathroom, having built-in soap dispensers help reduce clutter and the need to clean under them so the watered-down soap residue doesn’t permanently damage our countertops. Maintaining a pretty kitchen/bathroom look has never been easier, and with a wide array of finishes to choose from to match your aesthetic, this soap dispenser is a star in its own right.

Shown above: SD7605 Vintage Soap Dispenser in Oil Rubbed Bronze


2. Water Filtration Faucets

Water is the most important ingredient to human survival, rivaled only by air. If your water consumption is still reliant on bottled water, well, that’s one area you should maybe address for your own self-improvement. Not only do the costs of buying bottled water add up, but if you forget to make a grocery run, you’re forced to drink icky tap water until the next day and really, you deserve better. As for the environmental impact… let’s just say that Mother Nature would really appreciate it if you created less plastic waste. When paired with your filter, this water filtration faucet (also known as a water dispenser) provides cool, crisp drinking water at the turn of a handle. It’s also an improvement over portable water fillers that make you wait for a drink because honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Shown above: KS3192AL Restoration Single Handle Water Filtration Faucet in Polished Brass


3. Robe Hooks

There are few things in life as frustrating as stepping out of a lovely hot shower or bath to find out that the towel awaiting you is, well, not-so-lovely. Instead of being fluffy, toasty, and most importantly, dry, your towel is damp and slightly mildew-y from being abandoned in a pile overnight. Eck. To reduce post-bath disappointment, opt for one of these robe hooks for hanging everything from robes to towels to everything in between. Not only does it keep your stuff dry, it also saves space. Now that’s a win-win.

Shown above: BAK8217C Robe Hook in Polished Chrome


4. Bathroom Shelves

While we’re on the topic of saving space, let me introduce bathroom shelves to you. For those moments when your bathroom is so cluttered you couldn’t find a hair dryer if you wanted to, these elegant bathroom shelves provide you with extra room for whatever your heart desires, whether that be spare jewelry or hand towels. The two brackets are constructed from solid brass and mount to the wall for a strong, secure hold you can rely on.

Shown above: BA4819BK Water Onyx Glass Shelf in Black Stainless Steel 


5. Grab Bars

If you or a loved one needs some extra stability in life (literally), grab bars are your best friend. These grab bars are ADA compliant and are perfect for placement in showers, near toilets, or in any location that serves you the most. And best of all, safety doesn’t mean lack of style, because these come in a wide variety of colors to match all your existing bathroom decor. This grab bar is available in polished chrome (shown above), polished brass, oil rubbed bronze, polished nickel, brushed brass, and brushed nickel. So do yourself a favor— it’s one less thing to worry about.

Shown above: DR914361 Camelon 36″ Grab Bar in Polished Chrome

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