Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 49 (Recap)

kakashi: We reach the Blood Moon. I repeat. We reach the night of the Blood Moon. Goodbye inertia!
JoAnne: I feel like everyone is just going get their periods.
Please, no! I'm not due for another two weeks. 
Episode 49We learn that the Spirit Binding Abyss is the place closest to the Gates of the Demon Realm, which are the gates to the netherworld. Hence, it has very strong demonic aura. People lose their minds down here.
They look like they're sitting on a highly-magnified germ.
Aha! That nail they were talking about is that nail we saw at the very beginning, the one that zoomed towards Ling Xi/GoW! GoW's undercover maid steals it, but Yuan Tong notices this and reports it to the Heavenly Emperor.
Not an effective mask, by the way.
GoW - handsome in green! - is getting anxious. We're at A'Mo's 19th birthday minus one day and her primordial spirit inside that cauldron isn't behaving like it's getting saved in time (yeah, cause she's playing house with Jing Xiu). She's about to FAIL HER TRIAL! Which means that Ling Xi would never return again. Nope. Cannot have that.
The only thing worse would be if she came back BUT GoW got the corroding boner nail.
GoW pushes his way past the distressed Si Ming and rushes to Jing Xiu's house. Folks, you are looking at a LITERAL cock block. Yeah, go save your girl... she's not there though. Jing Xiu is putting it on thick, taking all her suffering onto himself through the life bead. He's annoying, but also clever. He has his little demon spy deliver the Needle to Zhong Hao, who opens the Abyss. Yes, I repeat: THE ABYSS IS FINALLY OPEN. But Zhong Hao doesn't manage to open the Gates. Cause he's an eternal loser. Also because Jing Xiu stops him. Taking a short trip down there, yup - to kill Shanling Daddy and finally take his revenge. But killing the defenseless Ling Yue... he cannot do it.
He's not an actual bad guy...he's just really, really angry.
Enter Jiu Chen! Nice to see you buddy. I really like this green robe, he looks hot. Jing Xiu doesn't speak to him personally but sends his servant. GoW relays to JX to be careful: good and evil are just a thought apart. He then saves Ling Yue and brings her to her palace (yeah, better be nice to your mother in law).
In the meantime, Baize Beast tries to get to Ling Xi/A'Mo but hits his head on a barrier JX erected. Mean. Luckily, A'Mo hears its chirping and breaks free. I think. Where she is promptly seen by Yuan Tong who followed the scent of unnatural beast (to find her Needle? Nobody cares about it anymore, get over it)  
I care far more for all these cute little animals than I do for anyone else except A'Mo.
Baize Beast transforms to defend A'Mo when Yuan Tong tries to kill her and takes her away. Nice. Yuan Tong is hot on their heels, making them crash land right in front of Demon Lord's little spider web on the wall. Baizhe Beast fights with Yuan Tong, but she's stronger. Booooo. But Demon Lord won't let Yuan Tong bring any harm to Ling Xi.
You hurt Fluffy? You must die.
Now come some Celestials! Lord of Thunder and his lackeys, mildly surprised to find Ling Xi alive too. A'Mo keeps repeating that she isn't Ling Xi, but they don't even listen. Yuan Tong blasts energy at A'Mo until GoW - at the end of his strength! - comes to her rescue. But now... she has to die. "Give me what Jing Xiu gave you to keep you alive," Jiu Chen says.
CommentsSo many things happened! I am not used to it anymore, I'm quite overwhelmed. We will finally get Ling Xi back! In.... 5 episodes or so? Lol.
If any of us are alive at that point.
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