Love & Destiny - Episode 39 (Recap)

kakashi: A'Mo has a real hero moment in this episode. But some men just cannot take a no for a no, pffft.
JoAnne: I think she might be my favorite female lead in the Chinese dramas I've seen thus far.

Episode 39

Yu Li's hissyfit is long and annoying. Qing Yao is mighty distracted by the news of the impending marriage too, it seems she likes Yun Feng a little by now? Or is it a little bit much and she's just being an ice queen? No, I don't really care. Yun Feng tries to see the Heavenly Emperor to protest, but the monarch isn't seeing anyone. And he thinks it's time for the unruly Yun Feng to settle down anyway. Suck it up, lover boy.
Ya know... Yun Fung is not looking all that bad when compared to RECENT man-boys we've seen. I mean, barring the whole killing Qing Yao's husband accidentally.
Down in the mortal world, Jing Xiu quite reasonably tells God of War he is putting A'Mo/Ling Xi in danger by hanging around here all the time and not doing his duty up in the Heavens. After which Jiu Chen tells Jing Xiu quite reasonably he is putting her in danger too. We deduce from it...? That you both endanger her and should get your acts together!
Do they somehow think they cancel out each other's danger-bringing? Idiots.
Look who's coming for a visit? Yun Feng. He moans about his impending marriage to his Senior, but Jiu Chen shows little inclination for helping. When Yun Feng sees that there's another man living with him and A'Mo, he leaves quickly thereafter, now correctly reading Jiu Chen's foul mood.
So that was pointless.
After getting a month's advance pay from Mr. Sun and cooking a festive meal for her two useless men, A'Mo tells them it's their farewell feast. Both of them should go home now. YOU GO A'MO!!!!
Boss move.
GoW in his potato sack moping in Si Min's palace follows. LMAO, this is too funny, he's so crushed and at the same pissed off! Yun Feng fanboy and Si Ming are both not helping. Or are they? Yun Feng has some advice from the "love arena". Observation: A'Mo likes to help people who are weaker than her, he says.
Yeah but that doesn't mean she wants to SLEEP with someone weaker than her.
Jing Xiu is still in town, earning money by writing letters for illiterate people. A'Mo is super annoyed he's still around, thinking how much more decent Lord Song is... when she finds Lord Song in front of her house. Well, in fact, she's so deeply in thought she doesn't even see him standing there at first, hahaha. True to her word, she repeats what she said before - she won't go back to marry him. She wants to be alone.
She's got that sweet little cottage and that nice peach tree...what more do we need, really? Oh, right, she's squatting in that cottage that is not hers that belongs to some unknown stranger who could definitely show up at any minute and I think if she lives on peaches she'll eventually get rickets or something, but you get my point.
So what does the shameless God do after waiting in vain in front of the gate for hours? He makes it rain on himself... oh please! He's going to try the pity tour?! Wow, it works! A'Mo appears with an umbrella and takes him into the house.
Notable, Dear Reader: She does not sleep with him.
Long hair night robe alert! He gets soup and asks her to help dry his hair. He proceeds to call her Mo Mo and begs her not to drive him away again. She gives an evasive answer and I'm thinking nobody has taught GoW that a "no" is a "no" and he has to learn to accept that there are things in the universe he wants but others do not and that he cannot have everything.
I'll take him. I'm shallow, that hair down thing does it for me.
In the morning, he makes breakfast for her and when she tells him to leave now, he starts coughing. You faker!!! A'Mo: "Am I this stupid in your eyes?" Love her. Though she is already wavering. Must be his open haired hobo look.
A'mo, you're already bucking societal norms...just sleep with him and send him packing.
In town, there's Jing Xiu who buys her mooncakes for the upcoming mid-Autumn Festival (she doesn't want them) and then, the cultivating monk re-appears (Zhu Zizai from the Cold Breeze Temple). He recognizes the "Immortal Master" from the forest and begs to be taught by him. Jing Xiu stops him with an underhanded magic trick and saunters on with A'Mo.
I am now trying to scrub my brain from images of a cultivating monk, and it's all thanks to you.
The episode ends with a monster attack. Yes, happens sometimes, in the best of towns.
Oooh, maybe we're gonna get another cutie like Five Bowls.
P.S. Lengthy bit between Bratty Princess and Deviant Godson. He indirectly helps her escape (by dropping a key). She gets quite badly wounded on her flight but Jing Xiu's servant finds her in time and rescues her. But now her life bead is damaged and his powers are too weak to cure her (Whatever you do, people, never, I repeat NEVER damage your life bead). Quite clearly: Brother Jing Xiu is needed!
Good. Take him away.


Imagine my Schadenfreude when A'Mo kicked both of them out. Then imagine my anger when they're STILL not leaving her alone. Yes, yes, Twu Wuv and all, GoW has to persist or else he will have to end up like his ever meditating virgin master in the cave. I also see that GoW is suffering a bit, but really only a little bit - I want him to SUFFER A LOT and earn this love, dammit. His little smirk when his plan worked (getting wet, then getting his hair rubbed) just tells me he's still thinking he's the superior one.
Do they have to end up together through every arc? Really? Can't she have this one to herself?