Moms Spa Night Away to Mirbeau Inn & Spa

For Christmas, Nick got me a night away from him and the boys at Mirbeau Inn & Spa. We were in the midst of sleep training Tommy and I dearly need some extra shut eye. It was such a thoughtful gift and totally unexpected. So finally my sister and I found a weekend that worked for the both of us and off we went.

I have friends who have been and rave about how wonderful this little spa/inn is in Plymouth, MA. I must admit, I was shocked that a place could charge nearly $400 a night in Plymouth in the middle of February!

Few things to note before I go any further. This obviously isnt sponsored as Nick bought this for me as a gift. Spa Mirbeau in Plymouth is popular with women and couples. I would say about 75% of the guests appeared to be groups of women for a not too far away girls getaway. The other 25% were couples. I tried to book a night a month in advance and struggled to find available spa appointments that coincided with hotel availability on a weekend. So my advice is to book a room and your spa treatments well in advance!!!

We booked a room for a Saturday and therefore were able to use the spa facilities all day Saturday and Sunday. If you dont book a room, you need to book at least 2 50-minute treatments for access. The other amenities include a 28 person hot tub with a bar next door on the patio, a steam room, a lovely quiet room with very comfortable lounge chairs with blankets and little foot bath. Theres also a gym with two Peloton bikes and other cardio machines as well as strength equipment. It would have been perfect for my workouts had I not done leg day before I left. There was also a group exercise room with daily classes including lots of yoga which I wanted to try!

I arrived around lunch time and sat at the bar while I waited for my sister to arrive. I had a delicious roasted mushroom salad and a tequila drink since it was National Margarita day! You can wear a robe in the dining area for breakfast and lunch and I loved seeing so many groups of women just hanging out in robes eating lunch. I was slightly jealous but hadnt been able to check into my room yet.

Shortly after I finished, I did check into my room and put on my bathing suit and bath robe. I headed down to the quiet area for some relaxing, thought Id read but I took a nap instead! My sister arrived shortly after I woke up from my cat nap and we hit the outdoor hot tub and bar for an official margarita.

After an hour or so, we went back to our room to get ready for dinner and by ready, we each took about 10 minutes to make ourselves look presentable, as dinner was back in the hotel restaurant.

We started with mussels and a bottle of sauvignon blanc and then I had the scallops for dinner. My sister raved about the salmon!

We were gonna grab dessert but opted instead to head back to the room and order room service if we really wanted to try their beloved cookie sundae. We really just wanted to binge watch Netflix but sadly the TVs were not smart enough and we settled on Twister before ordering the dessert of course and falling asleep by 10 pm!

It was glorious falling asleep so early and not having to worry about any kiddos waking me up but of course I woke up at 7:30 am. I made myself lie in the most comfortable bed until at least 9 before we got up to get ready for our spa treatments.

The room was spacious and cozy with a fireplace and claw foot tub which we sadly didnt use. The bed really were wonderful, exactly what you want when you have a night/bed to yourself!

We grabbed coffee in the lobby and then headed down for a quick hot tub sesh before relaxing in the serene waiting room. On time, I was called in for my deep tissue massage. The woman asked me what my expectations were so I told her exactly what I was looking for and she delivered! She did an amazing job. I was a wonderful massage. While we could have stayed all day at the spa, we chose to grab lunch and head home to see our families.

I ordered a special which came with quiche, french onion soup and salad!

Next time, Ill likely go down a lot earlier and enjoy the gym, take a yoga class and then just relax with lunch, a pedicure and some hot tub, outdoor bar action.

If you are looking for a lovely place to get away for a night with your partner of girl friends, I highly recommend. The service was wonderful, the guests were kind and I left feeling refreshed!

Have another great spot for a girls getaway? Let me know below in the comments.

This post was not sponsored or gifted in any way but if Spa Mirbeau sees this, Ill gladly come back for an official review haha.