Mother’s Day Might Look Different, But Your Gift Can Be Better Than Ever

Mother’s Day is coming up fast this year (May 10, if you don’t have it marked on your calendar yet). With so much on the market and so many brands promoting big sales, it’s hard to know where to begin when searching for the perfect gift. And finding that special something might feel especially important this year, if you’re far away from Mom and won’t be spending the day together. Don’t worry: Team Domino has you covered. We sifted through the product abyss and found the best options for every kind of mother, from Marie Kondo lovers who live for organizing to those who’d rather spend their off day in bed. Read on for our Mother’s Day gift guide, full of things she’s sure to love and, if you’re lucky, share with you.

The Foodie 

For the kitchen-dwelling mom who feels the happiest while poring over Alison Roman’s latest recipe or kicking back with Ina Garten’s massive cosmopolitan, try a perfect plum-hued saucepan or a produce-delivery service destined to freshen up any meal. And for a splurge she’ll keep on hand for years to come, opt for über-sharp Japanese steel knives. Or if you’re on a budget, a project-based gift, like seeds to plant, grow, and eventually add to dishes, will keep her busy through the summer. 

The Handy Mom 

Think of this mom as every character Reese Witherspoon has ever played. She’s always five minutes early, in charge of the PTA, and a crafting extraordinaire—and somehow she has time to exercise in between. It can feel like there’s nothing this go-getter doesn’t already have, so the key is to tap into her preexisting passions and look for upgrades. Level up her daily workouts with Nike’s multicolored Air Maxes. Or introduce new DIY projects like tie-dyeing and weaving into her repertoire. And if she’s aiming for productivity? A wall organizer that holds household supplies will make her dreams come true. 

The Luxury Lover 

We all know raising kids is a full-time job, so who would blame a mom for craving a bit of luxury on her special day? All it takes is one small accessory to make ordinary life feel a little bit glam. Consider a necklace with a sweet sentiment or a designer lipstick to brighten up a boring day. And if your mom has been extra awesome this year, try gumball studs in her favorite gemstone paired with a catchall made from Venetian glass and gold leaf.

The Nester

Sometimes the best present you can give a mom, especially one with toddlers, is a little R&R. While it’s hard for any parent to find time to relax right now,  some smaller accessories can make unwinding all the more enjoyable. We recommend herbal tea made from goji berries and lemongrass (in packaging beautiful enough to display), a silky eye mask to sneak in a midday catnap, or loungewear like this citrus-hued linen bathrobe and pajamas chic enough to wear outdoors.

The Plant Parent

If you’re one of the lucky green-thumb descendants, it probably means you grew up surrounded by fresh veggies and floral eye candy. Well, now’s the perfect time to gift the greenery back with updated goods for the garden. New tools are always a good choice, like hardworking hedge shears, a mini watering can, or goatskin gloves. (Bonus: Your mom can pretend to be a member of the royal family while wearing them.) Or save her the work and just give her something nice to look at, such as floral plates for her tablescape or a polka-dot begonia. 

The Baker

Our baking attempts often result in deflated sourdough or salty-instead-of-sweet brownies, but moms are known to have more successful oven experiences. Why not help yours cultivate her hobby with everything she’d need to compete in The Great British Bake Off? MoMA Design Store’s visual measuring cups offer the perfect opportunity to get those proportions just right, while a sculptural whisk and elegant mixing bowls will make the process look as good as the result will taste. And for displaying those delicious goods? Banana bread is scientifically proven (well, according to the Domino staff) to taste better in a splatter-paint loaf pan, and every dessert looks professional perched atop a decorative cake stand. 

The Spa Seeker

These days spa getaways are out of the question, thanks to travel restrictions and social distancing measures. But an at-home experience? Easy, affordable, and in all honesty sometimes even more fun than the real deal. Invest in Theragun’s advanced deep-muscle treatment and Mom will never need a professional massage again. Gift her a multipurpose cream that can be used as everything from a skin-care staple to a hair mask (its key ingredients include tangerine oil and amla berries). Or give her roots some much needed love with damage-repair shampoo and conditioner. And if that’s not enough? A biodegradable comb for a quick detangle or scalp massage on the go, a rosemary-scented candle, or a body gloss make for great mini pick-me-ups.  

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