My Everyday Essentials: The Bathroom

Welcome to a new series here on the blog: my everyday essentials. I share so much of my life online, but I found that I only share the bigger, newer things and some of the everyday items fall by the wayside. Well, not anymore! This is going to be a series of random things I use every day, unsponsored, for no good reason other than to share them. I first came up with the idea in the shower so it seemed like the best place to start.

The theme of the bathroom, and entire apartment really, is blue and white. I love all blue and white patterns and really have an affinity for toile. When I was decorating the apartment, I found this shower curtain online and fell in love with it. It's not the most exciting thing ever, but I love it and I'm happy every time I look at it. It also comes in black or red for those who are interested!

I originally had other shower hooks (they were gold bows) but they didn't really go with the overall theme. They weren't very practical either so I found these rope curtain hooks at TJ Maxx (found their twin on Amazon here) and liked them enough to keep them. I still don't know that they totally go, but hooks are so weirdly expensive that I kept them!

Next, we step into the shower and look at my everyday products. Starting with the ledge itself. I found that the corners of the tub were getting too crowded so I opted for this floating shelf that is hung with command tape. You can use these just about anywhere you want. I've had this hanging shelf since 2017 and it hasn't budged once in three years. I guess it's also important to note that it's on the opposite wall from my showerhead, so it doesn't ever get too wet except for when I grab things. 

On the ledge (from left to right) we have a scalp massager. I originally bought this after seeing it on a list of the "Best 20 Things to Buy Right Now on Amazon" and it's fine. I don't really get how it helps or works. Truthfully, I haven't used it much. I never saw it make any difference in washing my hair.

Next, we have my shampoo and conditioner from Prose. You guys know I love Prose and have been using their products for the past year. It has totally changed my hair for the better and I won't use anything outside of these two products!

Moving over, we have shower melts? These were sent in a PR package, so I threw them in the bathroom. They're little discs you place under the falling water and they make the shower smell good. They're fine lol.

Next, we have my in-shower cleanser and exfoliating pads. I use the Tula to wash my face occasionally. It used to be my ride-or-die cleanser. While I still love it, it has been replaced. As for the exfoliating pads, I love them. They're perfect for the shower because they can get a little messy. It's nice to be able to get your neck and chest without worry. If you need a gentle exfoliation, I really recommend these!

Above the ledge, I have a Bluetooth speaker for listening to music in the shower. I am 10000% a shower singer (or really wherever singer). I found that this was something small that makes a big difference! I got this one for Christmas, but this is similar.

Down on the tub we have my body washes: Dove foaming wash and the Olay shea butter wash. Depending on what my skin needs, I'll switch between the two. I like Dove because it foams, but I like the Olay better overall because it seems to hydrate my skin well!

The two jars between the body washes are It's a 10 leave-in hair mask that really makes my hair smooth, but I haven't used in months. And a Morrocan Oil body scrub that I keep because I like the smell but never really seem to use (I now much prefer the mircodermamitt!)

Then comes the product that started this whole series: my shave oil. I can't even begin to tell you how old this bottle is because IT LASTS THAT LONG. I think I got it in a mailer, and for the past four years, I've been using it exclusively to shave. It's that good. But there was never really a time to talk about it. So here I am, shouting from the rooftops. 

I was never one for the "bathroom set" but when I found these blue and white porcelain items I just knew it was over lol. I even have a matching trash can, and bought a few others for the rest of the apartment too!

For hair ties, I've been around the block and have landed on these slip silk hair ties. They are SO comfortable and gentle with my hair. They don't pull or ever hurt! And they're on sale right now too. A splurge, but definitely one that is worth it.

In terms of bathroom storage, we actually were pretty lucky to end up with three mirrors! Andrew has the one all the way to the right and I have the other two. The center one holds all my daily and most-used stuff (pictured above) and the left holds all the extras, backups and seasonal items (like sunscreen). 

I pretty much have it organized although it looks like a mess. The top row (going from left to right) starts with (minus the bioderma which is just too big to put anywhere else) hair. I have dry shampoo, then styling products, and then moves into body lotion and ends with HP (which is also just too big to put anywhere else). Maybe it's not as organized as I thought haha.

The next row is lotion and deodorant then moves into toners and makeup removers. After that, a row down starts with eye care, then serums, and finishes with moisturizers. And on the bottom row, we have my tools, my CBD products, and everyday items: dental care and face washes. Overall kind of boring but it's what I use!

Then we finish with the towels and robes! I LOVE my Weezie towels. They were sent to me in press and they are some of the best towels I've ever used. I love the white on white style too. Whenever we get a bigger house, I'll order more. We also (not pictured) have towels from Ralph Lauren (Macy's) and Vera Wang (Kohls) that are great options as well.

For my robes, I either wear my white fluffy Ralph Lauren (that is too old to link), or my blue and white one from the wedding. It just depends on if I'm cold or not tbh. I like the white one to keep me warm and dry me off but I usually wear the blue and white one to get ready, to do my hair and to wear whenever I feel like it.

That's it! It may be super boring but I hope it was somewhat fun -- or at least fun enough to share some more. When I brought up the subject on stories, I had a lot of positive feedback. Sometimes it's fun to share the weird/random stuff!