My Hospital Bag Packing List

Katies Bliss Hospital Bag

As of yesterday I’m officially 38 weeks! The countdown until baby boy’s arrival is ON. I also finally finished packing my hospital bag after a few weeks of procrastination. Nick’s bag is also ready to go along with little man’s bag of outfits and hospital essentials. I’m sure there are some things we’re bringing that we won’t end up using, but as a first time momma I’d rather be safe than sorry! I’m going to try my best to update this post after delivery to let y’all know what we actually ended up using 🙂

Katies Bliss Hospital Bag
Katies Bliss Hospital Bag

WHAT I’M WEARING TO THE HOSPITAL // White Tee | White Bralette | Blue Lounge Pants (similar in stock style) | Adidas Sneakers | Stud Earrings | Mommy Bag (comes in 4 colors!) | Similar Rose Gold Toiletry Bag 

This is the outfit I plan on wearing to the hospital! I’m going to keep it comfy in lounge pants, a bralette and oversized t-shirt.

PS — for bedroom furniture and decor details head to my Bedroom Tour post

Katies Bliss Hospital Bag

OK so here is everything we’re bringing! I basically just read as many hospital bag checklists as I could find and pulled together what I thought made the most sense for us. Nick and I are each bringing our own separate bags (I’m obsessed with my Mommy bag!) + I am using this diaper bag to keep all of lil man’s things.



+ 2 PJ Sets (Target has the best button-up styles)
+ 1 Cozy Cardigan or Robe (bringing this one)
+ 2 Pairs of Loose Sweatpants + Oversized Tee/Cami
+ 3 Nursing Bras (found these on Amazon)
+ Cute Robe/Top for Hospital Photos (an inexpensive Etsy find)
+ 1 Cute Bralette for Hospital Photos (bringing this one)
+ Cozy Fleece Socks (these are my favorite)
+ Shower Shoes/Flip Flops (found this inexpensive pair on Amazon)
+ 3 Pairs Granny Panties
+ Going Home Outfit (I’ll likely bring this loose cotton maxi dress)
+ Cozy Fleece Blanket (obsessed with this one!)
+ Pillow & Pillowcase (ordered this inexpensive pillow set & pillowcases on Amazon)
+ Toiletries (skincare + haircare + bodycare + toothbrush & toothpaste)
+ Nipple Cream
+ Chapstick
+ Makeup + Face Wipes
+ Hair Brush
+ Hair Accessories (ties + headband + clips)
+ Towel Set (bath + hand towel + washcloth)
+ Snacks (bringing granola bars, squeezable Chia seed energy pouches & gatorade– assuming Nick will likely go out of for more food while we’re there too!)
+ Water Bottle (just got this one!)
+ Birth Plan (a few copies printed out)
+ Nurses Thank You Gift Baskets (you can see the ones I put together in this post)
+ Extra Bag/Luggage (for bringing home postpartum supplies but not necessary if you have extra space in your own bags)


+ 2-3 Changes of Comfy Clothes + Underwear
+ Comfy Sweatshirt/Pullover
+ Nice Shirt for Hospital Photos
+ Shower Shoes/Flip Flops (I got Nick the men’s version of mine)
+ Toiletries
+ Contacts/Glasses
+ Snacks
+ Breath Mints/Listerine Strips
+ Entertainment/Laptop
+ Bluetooth Speaker (this is the one we have)
+ Camera/iPhone (we’ll probably bring our Nikon DSLR + use our iPhones)
+ Extra Long Charging Cords + Extension Cord (here are some quick-to-order options on Amazon)
+ Pillow & Pillowcase
+ Birth Deck Support Cards (Nick has been studying up a storm using these!)


+ First Photo Outfit
+ Onesies
+ Hat
+ Swaddle
+ Blanket
+ Pacifier
+ Mittens
+ Personalized Name Sign / First Photo Props (I ordered him this wooden name announcement sign!)
+ Car Seat Cover
+ Car Seat

For a closer look and links to the specific items we’re packing– keep on scrolling!

Katies Bliss Hospital Bag

MOM’S HOSPITAL BAG ESSENTIALS // Mommy Bag | Rose Gold Bag | Towel Set | Fuzzy Socks | Black Nightgown | Pink Pajama Set | Pink Lace Robe | Undies | Nursing Bras | Wet Brush | Headband | Scrunchies | Hair Clips | Shower Shoes

Katies Bliss Hospital Bag

MOM’S TOILETRIES // Wet Brush | Headband | Scrunchies | Hair Clips | Cotton Rounds | Deodorant | Micellar Water | Tula Face Cleanser | Tula Glow Get It | Clinique Moisture Surge | Clinique Moisture Surge Spray | Mustela Nursing Balm | Toothpaste | Listerine Strips | Makeup Cleansing Cloths | Burt’s Bees Lip Balm | Moroccan Oil Shampoo | Moroccan Oil Conditioner | Dove Dry Shampoo | Aveeno Lotion

Katies Bliss Hospital Bag
Katies Bliss Hospital Bag

HOSPITAL BAG ESSENTIALS // Time Marked Water Bottle | Black Shower Shoes (for dad) | Pink Shower Shoes (for mom)

Katies Bliss Hospital Bag
Katies Bliss Hospital Bag

HOSPITAL BAG ESSENTIALS // Extension Cord | 6 Foot iPhone Charging Cord | Portable Speaker | Nikon Camera | Pillow Set | Pillow Cases

Katies Bliss Hospital Bag

BABY HOSPITAL BAG ESSENTIALS // Stripe Newborn Set + Stripe Blanket | Newborn Onesies | Mittens | Hat | Multi-Use CoverPacifiers | Pacifier Clip

Katies Bliss Hospital Bag

HOSPITAL BAGS // Diaper Bag (baby boy’s bag) | Hershel Duffle Bag (Dad’s bag)


Katies Bliss Hospital Bag Packing List

1. Shower Shoes | 2. Barefoot Dreams Blanket | 3. Black Nightgown | 4. Pink Lace Robe | 5. Mommy Bag | 6. Pacifier Clip | 7. Nursing Bras | 8. Pillows | 9. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan | 10. Pacifiers | 11. Pink Pajama Set | 12. Swaddle Blanket & Hat | 13. Portable Speaker | 14. Time Marked Water Bottle | 15. Fuzzy Socks | 16. Baby Gown

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