Over a year after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker brought the Skywalker saga to an end, there’s a new wave of Funko POPs bringing some of the biggest spoilers to life

As part of this month’s Funko Fair 2021 reveals, the collectible toy creators have unveiled a couple different versions of Rey inspired by two of the character’s climactic moments in the movie. Plus, Ray’s grandfather, the all-powerful, reborn Emperor Palpatine will electrify your self, and Ben Solo will help take him down. Check out all off the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Funko POPs below.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Funko POPs

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Funko has doubled down on the finale with two different versions of Rey. The first has her wielding both Leia Organa and Anakin Skywalker’s lightsabers as she harnesses the power of the all the Jedi to defeat Emperor Palpatine, literally ripping him apart. The other comes from the final scene in The Rise of Skywalker where Rey reveals that she’s built her own lightsaber with a yellow blade as a way of symbolizing her place between the dark side and the light side by forgoing the use of a traditional lightsaber color.

Meanwhile, Ben Solo finally gets his own Funko POP, and this one brings to life the amusing “ta-da!” sort of shrug he gives to the Knights of Ren after Rey passes him a lightsaber through the Force. He’s rather pale and battle damaged after his duel with Rey earlier in the movie, including a hole in his shirt where he was stabbed with his own lightsaber. This is one that fans have been demanding ever since the movie came out.

Ben and Rey’s common enemy Emperor Palpatine gets an updated Funko POP with the new robe he seems to have conjured out of thin air, as well as Force lightning emitting from his hands.

Finally, the breakout fan favorite character Babu Frik is getting a 10-inch super-sized Funko POP that just might be as big as the little droidsmith was in the movie.

All of these Funko POPs are available for pre-order right now at Target (though Rey and Emperor Palpatine are currently sold out) and will be released in late February. Stay tuned to see what else comes out of the Funko Fair reveals throughout the week.

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