Pope Francis Visits Japan Wearing Blue Coat Displaying Anime Version Of Himself

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Image via Boris Stroujko / Shutterstock.com

Pope Francis took a leap from his usual white robe to put on something more edgy during his trip to Japan.

While greeting local Catholics and the media, the Pope wore a light blue Japanese coat presented by young participants when he arrived at the Cathedral of Holy Mary in Tokyo.

The straight-sleeved coat, a traditional attire called happi, was decked with drawings depicting the Pope as a kawaii anime character. Surrounding his likeness were supporters as well as cherry blossoms, Japans national flower.

Some Japanese phrases like gratitude, lets pray together, and may there be peace were also printed on the happi.

The Pope was photographed with the garment over his white robe, spicing up his overall ensemble a little bit.


340b (@rgm79e) November 25, 2019

[via Mothership, opening image via Boris Stroujko / Shutterstock.com]