Review: OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune in India

I started visiting the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune in the year 2003 when I was a writer with the Pune Times of India. My editor often sent me to this beautiful place to interview artists who visited from all over the world. I remember meeting talented artists and relaxing in the peaceful environs of this fascinating resort.

Situated about 120 kms south-east of Mumbai, India and set on a beautiful campus in the city of Pune, the OSHO Meditation Resort is one of the world’s largest centres for personal growth and meditation. As I entered the Welcome Centre area, my mind relived the time I first started visiting this heavenly resort and fond memories came flooding back.

The OSHO International Meditation Resort has several international travellers visiting frequently from over 180 countries all around the world. Osho created interesting and creative meditation techniques which involved dancing, whirling and gibberish and work really well with most followers.

The retreat is set within peaceful grounds, full of greenery and local wildlife

After one has relaxed through a wide variety of meditations, evenings include exciting activities such as dancing, watching or being a part of interesting events such as the DJ party and the tea event which I witnessed while I was there.

The resort offers various residential courses for those who have the time and interest. These courses can be for a week, two weeks or a month. There is enough to keep one occupied such as a spa, a Jacuzzi, a tennis court and a beautiful swimming pool. The Osho Multiversity is beautifully designed with white marble pathways, elegant black buildings, so much of greenery all around and beautiful water bodies add to the charm.

During my stay I was delighted to notice a beautiful peacock enjoying the pleasant weather at the resort. Another aspect of the resort that always fascinates me is the mesmerizing Buddha statues located in so many corners of the resort, Zorba the Buddha is someone who was always grounded and yet whose hands can reach for the stars.


The OSHO Guesthouse is a beautiful place to stay for visitors to the Meditation Resort

Osho Guesthouse is a beautiful place to stay for visitors to the Meditation Resort. The tastefully modern, silent rooms have double beds, air conditioners, fresh air supply and attached bathrooms. Some of them are designed to accommodate people with physical limitations, including wheelchair friendly rooms and bathrooms. The guesthouse is located very close to the Auditorium, which makes it very easy for visitors to go for all the meditations. There are 7, 14 and 30-day residential courses and comfortable rooms that have to be booked independently from the courses available here.

After the registration process was completed, I went to the gallery with Ma Sadhana to pick up the two robes that I had to wear during my time at the resort. While inside the resort, one has to wear a maroon robe in the daytime and a white robe for the evening meditation which can be bought from the gallery. Even the swimwear and the gym clothes or stoles, shawls have to be either maroon or white during your time at the resort.

Once the evening meditation is over, everyone is allowed to wear regular clothes for parties and events at the resort. Then it was time for the welcome hour celebration which is an orientation for those who visit the resort for the first time. The welcome hour celebration is an interesting initiation into what’s to follow while at the resort including various guidelines, dos and don’ts while one is at the resort. The facilitators gave us a brief idea about most of the important meditations along with short demonstrations and videos.


Meals are served at a variety of locations throughout the retreat

After the welcome morning orientation, I went to The Plaza for a cup of tea and enjoyed a delicious samosa which is one of their specialities. I have always been fascinated with the food served and the way it is served at The Osho Meditation Resort, one has to collect coupons at the welcome centre and redeem it for food at Meera which serves lunch, Plaza which is like a café and Zorba which serves breakfast and dinner and is also open for evening tea. Plaza serves excellent aloo parathas as I discovered one evening when Ma Sadhana ordered one for me.

Osho meditations

The daily meditation schedule consists of 12 active and passive meditations a day from 6 am to 10.30 pm. On arrival, the Welcome Centre guides you for the registration procedure and for participation in the activities while you are at the resort. The main centre for meditation and the evening meditations is the Osho Auditorium. The Osho Chuang Tzu, which is the samadhi, is also open for silent meditation.

While at the resort, it is essential to experience most of the meditations to understand Osho’s philosophy. Osho meditation techniques are scientifically designed, effective and direct for people to experience meditations more easily. The most significant meditations that one must experience are Osho Dynamic Meditation, Osho Kundalini Meditation and the Osho Evening meeting.

Osho said: “Sometimes, it happens that the meditation you feel most uncomfortable with is maybe the one that is going to help the discomfort maybe because it fights against certain of your habits and deep rooted problems. This is my observation, the meditation that you like is not always the best for you, and the one that you dislike most is not necessarily the worst, because you like something that fits with your mindset. So don’t bother whether you like it or not.”

The Osho Evening Meeting is a unique experience with a beautiful ambience

In my experience, the Osho Evening Meeting is a unique experience, one that I have experienced only at the OSHO International Meditation Resort. The fact that everyone is dressed in white robes, the high energy music that creates such a beautiful ambience, the way the auditorium is constructed, the way everyone chants Osho together, the silent sitting and the recorded discourses by Osho later, everything adds together to create an atmosphere of positivity and high energy which immediately uplifts everyone. This is an ethereal experience which I look forward to every time I visit this beautiful resort.

The OSHO International Meditation Resort is an enthralling place where the mind, body and soul are perfectly in harmony with each other. Every time I visit this beautiful place, I come back feeling positive, refreshed and energized!


Address: 17, 1st Lane, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
Phone: 020 6601 9999