Social Media Users Are Sharing Photos Of Their Pet Baby Yoda Lookalikes

Image via IMDb

Baby Yoda from Disney+s web series The Mandalorian immediately became synonymous to cuteness for his small frame, big ears, and round eyes.

It turns out that to enjoy this level of adorableness, you simply have to turn to the internet. Twitter user Bella Meza, for instance, went viral for posting a photo of her boyfriends cat resembling the fictitious creature from outer space.

My boyfriend said, Oh my god my cat looks like Baby Yoda and I look over, and sure enough, she wrote.

The tweet garnered over 380,000 likes, and many users began to draw resemblances between the cat and space alien.

Meza revealed that the cat, Parmesan, often hides in a towel, making it look like Baby Yoda in a robe.

Some user have pointed out that, obviously, Parmesan does not have Baby Yodas signature features like round eyes or green skin, but has large ears la the Child.

The Twitter thread soon prompted others to share photos of their pets resembling Baby Yoda and other iconic characters.

my boyfriend said oh my god my cat looks like baby yoda and i look over and sure enough

*:*: (@BLOODTHRSTYXBBY) December 8, 2019

this is my boyfriends kitty parmesan hehe:) she has yet to be vaccinated/chipped/spayed, so if you have any reccomendarions on places to go to do that in phx az, pls leave them below!

*:*: (@BLOODTHRSTYXBBY) December 9, 2019

My cat looks like Jabba

Astrid (@AstridIArias) December 10, 2019

Baby Yoda Cat, meet Baby Vador Cat.

StormHare's Evolution (@FuriousHare) December 12, 2019

Shawna Reese Burge (@shawna_burge) December 9, 2019

Lmao my cat looks like baby Yoda too

mic(hell)e (@vxzquez) December 10, 2019

my own personal baby yoda

jenn (@jenkneefurr_) December 9, 2019

[via TIME, images via IMDb]