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I jumped on the kimono trend a few years back when it made a brief appearance.  When I purchased my kimono, which read beautiful bathrobe to me,  I figured that if the trend didn’t catch on, I would definitely wear it at home so I didn’t feel too bad about making the purchase.  

I never wore my kimono/bathrobe out much; trends are slow to catch on here in Florida; most people dress in shorts and t-shirts year around.  As I’ve said before, I don’t mind wearing what I love even if no one else is doing it and I love the kimono I bought but I always felt  I was wearing, well, a bathrobe…in public…so I did it a few times, and shifted to wearing my kimono/robe at home.

Well guess what, friends, it’s back.  The kimono trend is completely back, only with a few nuances, like the length.  While the long kimonos are definitely still on, you will see shorter kimonos worn with denim shorts as a “third piece” if we are out and about this summer.  Otherwise, you can imagine people wearing them out and about and you can wear one over your sweats.     

I didn’t plan to buy another kimono, my second one came in my winter Box of Style.  And, I didn’t plan to keep it.  I thought it would make a great gift, so I set it aside but didn’t end up gifting it.   When a friend reached out and asked if I’d join her on an Instagram “kimono” challenge, I pulled out my Box of Style kimono and began thinking of how I’d go about styling it.  

The thing is, kimonos/robes are very versatile.  Over a simple tank dress, a kimono can elevate or just change up the look from day to night.

Over dress pants, kimonos can add interest to an otherwise basic look,

Heck, you can even style it as a dress for evening, if you make sure everything is carefully taped into place!

And, of course, you can wear your kimono over jeans and a t-shirt which is always fun.  I like to wear them over athletic wear as a going home from the gym look; I don’t like running around in my gym clothes without some sort of something over top, and can also be used poolside, kimonos are great for taking you from sunbathing to lunch or out shopping with a big exotic hat.

Choosing the right kimono is easy; you simply decide how you plan to wear your kimono; do you want something lush and silky for evenings, or something light and fun for daytime, (here you may try one of the shorter versions).  You might choose a fine silk, or something a little easier on the dry-cleaning bill and chose a synthetic or cotton.   Once you have that sorted, you simply find a pattern you fall in love with and you are in business!

Today’s post does double duty; my friends from Stylish Monday are styling florals today and so am I…a floral kimono…if you want to see how my friends style all other things floral, be sure to check them out below.  And, if you’d like to join this monthly link up, please feel free to share your posts.

So we’ve got pretty much everyone sharing a look this month so you will have lots of inspiration to choose from! First up is Nancy from Nancy’s Fashion and Style Next is Emma from Style Splash Then Suzanne from Ask Suzanne Bell Michelle is our Instagram Girl you can check her out @shechele_styles, Next up is Andy from Pearls and Pantsuits Nicole from High Altitude Style Julie from Fashion Trends and Friends and Cindy from Middle Sister Blog.

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